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One Happiness

 “One happiness scatters a thousand sorrows.” Chinese Proverb 

Look for the good. It’s there.  

Of course, there will always be disappointments. 

However, there will always be people that care. 


It’s so easy to let days go by and get caught up in being busy and lists of things to do. And sometimes, during that time you can lose sight of what’s really important.


It’s important and equally as easy to take the time to appreciate every moment and realize how blessed you really are.


Expect nothing. Appreciate everything.


We are all doing our best. Trust your instincts and trust the process. Look for ways you can make a difference.


Focus on ‘one happiness to scatter a thousand sorrows’ like the Chinese Proverb refers to. Focus on bringing the happiness to someone else, not receiving it yourself. 


You will see how much of a difference you can make.


And that’s a really great thing.


To make someone happy with a kind word, smile, or taking the time to do something for someone they might not expect is sometimes exactly what YOU need.


And sometimes that’s all it takes to make you feel like everything IS going right. And that you are on the right track. 


So... this is a fashion blog right ? Curious about this outfit? It’s SUPER affordable.


And I’ll give you ALL the details and links. 


My dress can be found here. It’s from Shein, of course and comes in several colors ( click the link). 


My bag and shoes are from Thredup. If you have never tried this AMAZING online thrift shop, well, why haven’t you??! 


All makeup is Urban Decay, which is a brand I’ve remained loyal to because the quality is phenomenal and because they are forever coming up with new colors and items I really can’t resist. 


 My denim jacket is from Target and it’s been a favorite all season. It’s the perfect length and weight to wear over dresses and under heavier coats when layering is a must.


My belt and necklace are go-to pieces I’ve had in my wardrobe forever. The necklace was from Target and belt was part of a Thredup dress. 


My hair was colored by Jannine Maynard of Meraki Salon in Johnston. Yes, she is the former Jannine Hansen of Supercuts! She is now married and running her own business! Of course, she is still the same amazing stylist and friend!

My hair was styled this past Saturday by Donna Corvese, who is another awesome friend, and can still be found at the Johnston Supercuts.  

That’s all for fashion details and that’s all for this blog post. It’s been a while since I shared style ideas here and I hope to be back with more style inspiration but also lots of classroom inspiration;) so stay tuned for details...

Some of you may have noticed my instagram was hacked... without getting into all that...because who feels like hearing it really?( #positivevibesonly) ...find me here  and thank you so much in advance if you choose to follow along on my new account! 

I appreciate your time and attention and hope you found this post worthwhile. 

I hope it inspires you to be that one happiness to scatter someone’s thousand sorrows and maybe put together a new affordable, fun outfit! 

Yours truly, 



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