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For me, fashion is a creative expression of who I am and a way to add a little fun, glamour and vitality to an otherwise ordinary outfit or day. I recently came across a beautiful page on Instagram. The account is called @bellabelleshoes and full of romantic and handmade bridal shoes. I loved every post and just the way the shoes were displayed made me stop and admire the workmanship and details of each shoe. They reminded me of when I was getting married and searched for just the right combination of ivory and rose gold to complement my gown.


I ended up heading over to the website and again, admired and marveled over every pair. I went from thinking that is was too bad I wasn't searching for wedding shoes to  thinking that these shoes are definitely not just for weddings! I decided that they were exactly what I needed to add a little romance to my wardrobe. 


I found this gorgeous pink floral print nightgown and kimono robe set at Chichouz and I thought these shoes would be fun to wear with it for a stay in type of date night with my husband. Find the set here and the whole Chichouz collection here

My ring is from Lockets By Kim and I recently blogged about it  here .

My ring is from Lockets By Kim and I recently blogged about it here.


I also thought the shoes would be fabulous with the romantic print of this bodycon midi dress I found here, at Hotouch. To me, the print is quite romantic on its own and didn't really want to make the outfit too dressy so I added my denim jacket and Sunday Mini handbag from Angela Roi. I believe the denim and more casual bag balance the romantic nature of the shoes and dress and allowed me to wear it as a casual brunch outfit.  

Find my sunglasses  here  and use code: Teacherjen for 20% off !!! 

Find my sunglasses here and use code: Teacherjen for 20% off !!! 


What do you think? Do you love the shoes I picked out from Bella Belle? Do you think they are strictly for brides?  They are called the Elise by Joy Proctor and you can find them here


Thank you so much for visiting my blog today and I truly hope you found it worthwhile! I certainly appreciate your time and attention a great deal.  

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