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People Will Stare: Raising the Standard of Panache With Shein & Brooklyn Hat Co.

"People will stare. Make it worth their while."

Harry Winston

I truly could not stop staring at this amazing and gorgeous Chiffon Geometric Print Split Maxi Dress the moment I saw it on Shein's site. It reminded me of the magnificent and always so glamorous Kelly Rowand a few years ago making the most extraordinary presence here  during X-Factor auditions. As you see here she added tan colored accessories and it was just perfect! I definitely will wear it with sandals and I'm sure even tan colored sandals at some point. However, the more and more I looked at this dress online and after scooping it up from Shein and giving it a good home, the more style possibilities I saw.


Summertime and the styles that are meant for those very hot, steamy and extremely carefree days is my absolute favorite time of year! Not a day goes by without me wishing I could always wear a sundress and strappy sandals, carry a basket handbag and definitely top off the look with a cute little straw hat. Except I live in Rhode Island, USA and we have four seasons full of cold, windy, rainy, snowy, sunny,sometimes delightful and sometimes miserable weather. So I plan accordingly. I take what I love about Summer Styles and restyle them so I can enjoy them throughout the year. I actually just spoke about 7 other Maxi- Dresses from Shein last week on this post and how I wore them all summer and now they are on sale and they can be restyled for Fall.


Guess what? While searching the sales to write that blog post I found this one!! The Chiffon Geometric Print Split Maxi Dress! Seriously. It's on sale here now. So I figured I would plan a Fall look, enabling this gorgeous lightweight maxi to become more than just a summer statement piece! I decided to turn it into an Autumn Essential that would maybe get me a little bit more excited about the change of seasons. I then thought, hmmmmm I don't know. Maybe I should just wear it as intended. As a light, floaty, summertime dress. It is still quite warm now. Then I remembered Harry Winston's quote "People will stare. Make it worth their while." To me, that means to go for it, take a chance. What's the worse that can happen? People will talk? They already do. So do what you want and have fun!


This is how I had fun with my new, funky Geometric  Print Split Maxi.  First of all, it did come with a self-tie fabric belt but I added my own belt from ThredUP to keep the fabric from being too blousy and over-bearing for my small frame. The fabric tie belt would be great for a summer day or evening but for a cold weather look I wanted the fabric in place to create a more sleek silhouette and to allow for the other pieces to layer effectively.


My boots are the Bucco brand but I found them at Thredup and they arrived the other day looking brand new and I'm glad they are also super comfortable. I love shopping at Thredup because I find so many brand name  and even designer items there. Can you believe my clutch is DVF? Yes! Diane Von Fursternberg and for only $55.00 at ThredUP compared to the $225.00 retail price it would have been brand new.

My Ring is from  Lockets   By   Kim  and the meaning behind it and shopping information is blogged  here .

My Ring is from Lockets By Kim and the meaning behind it and shopping information is blogged here.


My necklace is from Aries Artistic Jewelry and you many remember my blog post from back in the Spring when I first discovered the company and their motto "Raw Beauty, Naturally You." I shared lots of information about the stunning artisan unique pieces that Sue Fontana designs here and also here. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that my Aries Artistic Jewelry necklaces are my favorites because I wear them constantly! For example, I'm wearing one of her necklaces now ( as I'm putting together this draft) and just posted it here.


I have to admit that as much as I enjoy my summer hats (and I did find quite a few I was smitten by this summer) my fall collection of hats and caps is truly appreciated as I head back to school. I not only love them because they are fun accessories but also because they keep me warm during the school day when I go outside for recess and dismissal.

This one from Brooklyn Hat Co. , found here at Anthropologie, caught my eye right away and is definitely to me what Harry Winston meant in his quote about people staring ( it's definitely worth staring at).  I fell in love with the pattern, texture, and colors within this Grey Wool Felt Safari hat when I first saw it. There was actually a wide selection of unique hats at Brooklyn Hat Co. that I considered as but I choose this one to sample because it is unlike any of my other hats and also I liked the idea of bringing the same neutrals together in a different way to style the printed dress.  I felt that the  distressed grosgrain ribbon combined with the safari print would add even more character to this fall look.


When my hat arrived I was amazed at the superior quality of it. Some of you might already know that I own hundreds of hats of many different varieties for every season. I was wearing a hat the day I met my husband 16 years ago and he has actually gifted me several throughout the years. However, this beautiful hat from Brooklyn Hat Company stands alone in its remarkable design and luxurious workmanship. The wool felt combined with the satin lining is such a perfect combination. This particular hat, found at Anthropologie, comes in different patterns and colors and be sure to check out the inspiring Instagram account of Brooklyn Hat Company here for other options. 


It will be just perfect for when I'm out and about during the week (teaching, picking up my children from school and running to the grocery shop ) and also fabulous for the weekend when I always am looking to add a touch of panache to my outfits.


My leggings are available here at MadStyle and always remember to use my code: TEACHERJEN to save 20% while shopping on their site. I am glad I found these leggings because I've already worn them so often, most recently blogged about here, and here I am again finding another way to style them! Can you believe they come in 9 colors? 


I really wasn't sure how I wanted to layer the top part of the dress. I thought about adding a crisp, cropped blazer and then about putting a long sleeve tee shirt under it. In the end, after trying  a few different colors and cuts of motorcycle jackets I went with this one from Zaful which is actually still available here. What do you think? Does it work?

How would you style Shein's Chiffon Geometric Print Split Maxi Dress? I would love to hear from you and connect furthur so feel free to leave me a comment, email or even a link if you have something to share. I will always respond in a timely fashion.

Thank you so much. I truly appreciate your time and attention.

Yours truly,



ps. Thank you so much to Janine at Supercuts for doing as awesome job on my hair!! 


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