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"Everybody has a different way of telling a story- and has different stories to tell." 

Keith Richards

My dress is from my own website/collection  which you can find  here . My bag is from Madstyle and you can find it  here . Use my code: TEACHERJEN for 20% off. 

My dress is from my own website/collection  which you can find here. My bag is from Madstyle and you can find it here. Use my code: TEACHERJEN for 20% off. 

This is an especially personal post for me because it's about something that I've never shared publicly and still actually a little nervous to talk about. I was inspired to tell my story when I found out about an extraordinary company that at first appears to be a jewelry company but is really so much more. 


Kim Schreiner of Lockets by Kim is an Origami Owl Designer and her company and collection is all about helping others to capture memories, tell stories and encourage and inspire others. What it begins with is choosing special charms. You choose from thousands of unique and very beautifully charms to represent the things you love. You can choose symbols of your chosen profession, momentous events, even your favorite foods, emojis, and minions - yes, minions-  have charms. Believe me, it took me days and days and maybe weeks of looking through the enormous selection of fun and fashionable charms before I was able to move on to the next step. At one point I had decided on a cupcake and crayons as two of my charms. Then I saw that there was a collection of charms for special causes. Not only do they have charms for several causes, such as Autism Awareness, Down Syndrome and Breast Cancer, but Origami Owl will donate 100% of the profits from each of these charms to the cause it represents. When I saw and read that information my entire set of selected charms changed.


 I noticed there was a pink and blue ribbon for Pregnancy/Infant Loss. For a big part of my life, actually the first few years of my marriage, I lived with fertility treatments for unexplained failure to conceive, lost pregnancies that could not be medically explained, and the death of my first infant daughter, born with hydrocephalus due to a 'random' condition. Yes, we had all the tests done and yes, we ended up blessed with two healthy children, but there were many moments I did not believe it would happen and wanted to give up. Not just give up on having children, but give up completely. It's hard, I'm sure, for anyone not experiencing the hopelessness and loss I felt  to understand but I'm sharing this story because the little pink and blue ribbon is a part of me and a part that maybe can give comfort and hope to to others. I also choose a little girl charm to represent Angelina, my eleven and a half year old daughter, a little boy charm to represent my 7 and a half year old son, a Legacy Infinity Charm with Swarovski crystals to represent that love and commitment between me and my husband and a cassette tape to represent the mix tapes I used to make for my husband when we were dating. So my charms are the story of the most important part of my life, my little family, and I think it's perfect.

My hat is from  Two   Baked   Buns , which I blogged about  here . 

My hat is from Two Baked Buns, which I blogged about here

Step two is to choose a Living Locket. There are so many different kinds of Living Lockets to choose from. As you may already know if you follow me on Instagram or noticed it in my last two blog posts ( here and here)I I decided on a ring. 

Other Living Lockets include traditional lockets, ( some even with multi-color Swarovski crystals), dangle bracelets, leather wrap bracelets and gorgeous locket watches.   Once you've decided on your Living Locket your next step is to choose from very beautiful assortment of chains. Obviously I didn't do this step because I choose a ring but I took a look at the chains and was truly amazed by all the different Silver, Pearl, Gold and Rose Gold options that were offered.  

I love the fact that you can even personalize your locket with an inscription. It could be a day that changed your life, the name of someone you love or even a special quote that you always think of for inspiration. Whatever words are special to you can be forever inspired in your new piece of jewelry. 

My watch is from Monforti Milano Watches and you can enter to win one  here .  

My watch is from Monforti Milano Watches and you can enter to win one here.  

Once your new completely one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry is complete there is still more you can do. You can actually add accessories such as a dangle, plate, or even earrings to complete your Lockets By Kim look! 


I would definitely encourage you to explore the entire website here  


She has so many fantastic items and pieces and you won't be able to resist telling your story or gifting someone with the opportunity to tell theirs. I think it would make an awesome present to give someone the options to create their own special keepsake accessory. I'm wearing my Lockets By Kim ring now and I'm really grateful for this opportunity to tell my story and to have this part of my heart displayed within such a beautifully made piece of jewelry. Truly a statement piece. 


Thank you so much for visiting the blog today. I truly appreciate your time and attention and  I hope you found this post worthwhile.  

I would love to connect further so feel free to leave me a comment, email or even a link if you have something to share. I will get back to you in a timely fashion. 

Yours truly,  




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