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Organic, Affordable Luxury With Natural Me Beauty

I really love their motto "Clean Beauty Made Simple." It truly is the simplest way I've ever heard of to be introduced, educated about and to shop for the most organic, vegan, eco- friendly and affordable products available. Natural Me Beauty is a health conscious store, beauty subscription and blog devoted to bringing us luxurious, ethically made products.

I always feel I'm on my way to being healthier in a more natural way than ever before when I receive the Natural Me Beauty Box Newsletter in my inbox. I found the most delightful recipe for Rainbow Acai Bowl here and I've actually had it for breakfast all week! 


And I can not express the excitement I feel when these arrive at my doorstep!  This is one example of their subscription boxes. 


Can you believe all the delightful items? And they are all healthy and non-toxic!  It's so important to me to choose items that are both healthy and non-toxic and that's why I was so intrigued by Natural Me Beauty and mission. I know they will only send me products that are ethically-made, luxurious and natural. 


The Natural Me Beauty Box and Newsletter make it super convenient for me (a busy mom, wife, teacher, and blogger) to find the absolute best products for me and my family without having to spend countless hours researching and without getting frustrated finding things that claim to be "natural" but really are not. 


These are from Green Envee and they are the Ultimate Eye Rescue Complex and the Pumpkin Pore-fection Enzyme Peel. Green Envee is an amazing company that has created a proprietary blend of plant actives and high potency herbs that literally work from the inside out. Find out more here.


This is the Pure Glam brand and it's a line of all natural hair care. My box included the Luxury Wash and Moisturizer. I really love the way they do not make my color fade the way some other lines and products have. This shampoo is made with an artichoke base and works specifically to promote richness of color, shine and strength for all hair types. 


The Pure Glam conditioner is made with coconut oil and shea butter and it is made to repair and regenerate normal to thick density hair. My daughter and I both have very thick hair and we love how soft and manageable our hair feels and how shiny it looks now that we use Pure Glam. If I did not subscribe to Natural Me Beauty Box I don't think I would even know about it. That's the great thing about this subscription. The products are such great introductions to a brand and then if you fall in love with a product you can purchase the full size without taking the chance on purchasing an item you are not completely happy with. 


This is coconut oil from the Cocovit company. It is harvested from fresh, organic coconuts in South India. It is 100% pure, versatile oil and is suitable for all ages, skin and hair types.  It's great for extra dry patches of skin, such as elbows, as a shaving balm and I like it as a natural way to remove makeup effectively. 


This is the Sports Stick Sunscreen for face, lips, nose, ears and extra sensitive skin. It has an SFP 30 and is from Babo Botanicals. I really love the fact that it's small enough to travel with and so easy to use. I like to keep it in my handbag so if I end up at the playground with my kids they can quickly and effectively apply it and stay protected. It's not greasy at all and completely frangrance free.


I really love the Claire and Maximus lip balm! It is handcrafted in small batches, using all natural ingredients; beeswax, shea butter, avocado oil, jojoba oil, lecithin, Vitamin E, Natural Flavors. I'm obsessed with the bubble gum flavor and looking forward to trying the mint and cherry! It's also so fabulous that they make an unscented balm for people that would rather not have a flavor.


These items are the Fleur De Terre Calming Toner and Fleur De Terre Calming Serum and they are from Live Botanical. Fleur De Terre, French for earth blossom, was inspired by the cool climates of the French, Celtic and Oregon coast. Inspired by the feminine elements of earth and water, this collection was created to balance warm and inflamed conditions. It was prepared for those who tend to redden or breakout easily due to sensitivities and weather. The products are made with cooling botanicals to calm the complexion to highlight the beauty within. Find out more here.


As you can see all of the items in this box certainly live up to Natural Me Beauty motto of "Clean Beauty, Made Simple." All of these skin care, hair care, personal care and beauty products compliment the healthy lifestyle tips that are found in their amazing newsletter! 

Thank you so much for visiting the blog today! I hope you enjoyed this post and that you found it useful. Have you ever tried a subscription service that catered to all natural beauty products? What brands do you prefer?  

I would love to connect furthur so feel free to leave me a comment, email or even a link if you have something to share. It would be my pleasure to get right back to you in a timely fashion.  

Yours truly, 




I've worn this Kokoon jumpsuit so many times this summer and it always gets so many inquiries so I wanted to give the link again  here and let you know that you can use my code: JENQ for 20% off! I will definitely be wearing it all fall with boots and lots of layering pieces. 

Hard to believe the summer is going by so quickly but I'm happy to be able to send my children to school with our favorite beverage! William loves the peach and Angelina's favorite is mango! Find all the flavors  here . 

Hard to believe the summer is going by so quickly but I'm happy to be able to send my children to school with our favorite beverage! William loves the peach and Angelina's favorite is mango! Find all the flavors here

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