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Get Up, Dress Up and Never Give Up! Featuring Avid Dresser and TTDEYE

Get Up, Dress Up and Never Give Up! Featuring Avid Dresser and TTDEYE

I was so excited yesterday to get my mail yesterday! I had some really special packages that I was super looking forward to receiving all arrive together at my doorstep! I seriously felt like it was Christmas in August!  

First I all, I recently found out about a dress subscription company! Can you believe it? I do subscribe to a personalized tea service, Sibsby, which I absolutely love and my husband loves getting special accessories from his own monthly clubs which I share a lot of on Instagram and also here on the blog. I'm always so impressed which the quality and value that can be found within such affordable services. When I heard that  Avid Dresser was a dress subscription service that mailed you two dresses a month based on your own personal style and preferences of course I had to try it for myself! When you first visit the website you are promoted to take a Style Quiz so the company will know exactly what type of dresses you prefer, the colors you like best and the events you need the dresses for. Go ahead and take the quiz here and you can see how simple and quick it is, yet such a thorough analysis of your style. 

 My watch is called the  Crush   Wood   Watch  from The Garwood and you can find it  here .

My watch is called the Crush Wood Watch from The Garwood and you can find it here.

I was so curious to see which dresses would be chosen for me and excited because when I looked at their entire website and at their Instagram page I loved everything I saw so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed!  

The first dress is so fun and easy to wear and style with its navy blue scoop neck top and sheer floral attached skirt. I added a black sparkly belt over the elastic sized waist and a strappy black cami underneath because I always like adding small doses of black to a navy outfit. I think they add a touch of modernity to this feminine look. Of course I'm wearing my shoes from INCH2 that I've been loving and styling all summer. I liked how the colors in my Magazine Clutch from Madstyle coordinated so nicely with the floral design on the dress so I added that too when I went out earlier today. 


The second dress I received was perfect to change into to go to dinner with my husband tonight. I love the black and white print and feel it could work so nicely well into the fall and winter months with fun layering pieces. It came with a fabric belt the same pattern and material of the dress but I added my black glittery belt to break up the print a bit. Tonight  I'm wearing my new Avid Dresser dress with new (to me) boots I found the other day while browsing on my Thredup app. They are Guess Brand and arrived in perfect condition yesterday! I really can't believe I only paid $35! 

 I'm wearing my Monforti Milano Watch here and you can enter the giveaway  here . Good luck! 

I'm wearing my Monforti Milano Watch here and you can enter the giveaway here. Good luck! 


This is another fabulous & unique bag from  Mad Style . It's called the Canteen Pin Bag and remember if you ever purchase anything from this awesome site use my code: TEACHERJEN to save 20%! I was glad to have both of my bags to add to my amazing new dresses that were selected just for me by Avid Dresser

You may notice something different about me today. I know I felt like a completely different person every time I looked in the mirror! It's my eyes. I decided to try colored contact lenses from this sensational company called  TTDEYE. I choose TTDEYE  because this company specializes in high quality colored lenses with a very wide variety of colors, brands and special effect features. They were super nice and efficient to work with and it was easy for me to simply take a picture of my current contact lense information (prescription and size) to send with my order.


The colored contacts I am wearing were in another package I received yesterday and are called Real Crystal in color 'Gray.' Right away I was surprised at how stunning this color is. I would say it's a mixture between gray and a very pale blue and they definitely make me think 'bright eyed' but also a little bit 'mysterious.' I am really glad I had the opportunity to try them because they are so comfortable and such a fun way to change your look. I kept forgetting I had them on until people I ran in to during the day noticed and mentioned them.  I feel like I was talking about TTDEYE and Avid Dresser all day today so I had to write this blog post right away. I was really excited to share these two companies plus my last find from Thredup with everyone.  You can find the Real Crystal lenses here and be sure to use my code: mommyteacherfashionista to save 10% on any order at TTDEYE

All three of my packages that came yesterday make it easy for me to "Get up, dress up and never give up!" which is why I used that quote as part of my title. It's always nice to have special things to add to your wardrobe, whether it's a staple, like boots at a great price, beautiful new dresses handpicked especially for you or colored contact lenses that will help you to shine your brightest! It's all so fun! 

I hope you enjoyed this post today and found it worthwhile! I absolutely and always appreciate your time and attention. 

I would love to connect furthur so feel free to leave me a comment, email or even a link if you have something to share. I will get back to you in a timely fashion. 

Have a very beautiful day! 

Yours truly,



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