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Elegance Is To Be Remembered: Styling My Atlasday Designer Dress

Elegance Is To Be Remembered: Styling My Atlasday Designer Dress

"Elegance is not standing out, but to be remembered."

Giorgio Armani

I'm so excited to introduce you to Atlasday ! It's an amazing online shopping platform with the most gorgeous and unique dresses and the absolute highest quality! I am completely amazed by the quality and beauty of my new dress, which I'm not only featuring here on the blog but also on my Instagram page for a very special giveaway! You can win a dress just like this one in your  favorite color ( black, red or taupe) just by commenting on this Instagram post with the one you prefer. You also must be following @atlasday on Instagram to win so be ready to choose a color! In the meantime you can check out the entire collection at Atlasday here. You will honestly be so obsessed by the variety and elegance of what you find. 


Of course I wanted to style my Atlasday Designer Dress with equally elegant and memorable accessories. I added a few old favorites, like my thrifted bag and shoes from Thredup.  


My rosegold monogram necklace is an old favorite you have definitely seen before and it is from Name  Necklace Official


And here are a couple of unique and new favorites. My watch is the Crush Wood Watch and it's a brand new design from The Garwood. It is crafted from 100% natural exotic Indonesian sandlewood with a genuine leather band. It has a striking rosegold face which I love and find so versatile and sophisticated when styling a dressed up look like this one. I also think the Crush Wood Watch adds so much personality to a more casual look. I seem to be choosing it a lot lately so you will see it again here on the blog and on my other social media accounts if you happen to be following me on any of them. Be sure to follow @thegarwoodwatch on Instagram here to be kept up to date on their latest styles. 


Last, but most certainly not least is my hat from Two Baked Buns, which is an amazing new company I will be blogging about soon. I have a couple of their one-of-a-kind hats and they have so many other fabulous items! Follow @twobakedbuns on Instagram here and check out the whole collection here.


Thank you so much for you time and attention. I'm happy to introduce you to Atlasgroup and to be hosting this amazing giveaway. I know someone will be very pleased when they win a dress of their own and see how beautiful the fabric and workmanship is. 

I'm also really excited to share my pieces from @twobakedbuns and @thegarwoodwatch. You will definitely see and hear more about them if you visit my blog again in the near future.  

I hope you do visit again and I would also love to connect furthur so feel free to leave me a comment, email or even a link if you have something to share. I will respond in a timely fashion. 

Your truly, 




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