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Tanzee and Other Look Good Naked Secrets

Throughout the past 15 years I have tried a million drugstore and department store tanning products. I began this and tried so many different types because I wanted to feel better about showing some skin this time of the year without doing what I used to do. I used to actually go out in the sun and get a real tan. I didn't even use sunscreen. In fact I actually applied baby oil to speed up the process. I probably did this between the ages of 16-23. I remember getting involved in fitness ( obsessed) and joining a gym at 23 and the gym I belonged to happened to have a tanning room. Yes, I paid money to get naked and stand under harmful lights just to have an even colored tan. I knew the dangers and ignored them. I did this from April - September for about 5 years. I stopped at the age of 29 when the guy I was dating, who is now my husband, asked me to consider the potential dangers and stop. I didn't stop right away. When he first asked I said, "Sure, you're right." It wasn't until he used the word "promise" as in "Promise me you will not go tanning anymore,It's dangerous," that I did stop. I stopped the tanning in a tanning salon but that began my quest to find a way to achieve a 'tan look' without the risk of skin cancer. 


Sorry if this story got a little long right from the get go but the main point is that I did find a way to achieve the look I wanted without having to resort to unhealthy methods. The main tanning product that works for me and I that I have used for two summers in a row is Clarins. The brands I used before did not look natural, had weird scents and for the most part left me looking ok at a distance but close up uneven and well, fake. This post is not sponsored in any way shape or form by Clarins or Macy's. I  bought the full size 4.5oz Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel at the Mall last month for about $40 and I happened to run out of it at the same time my sister gave me a $50 gift certificate to Macy's so I decided to try the 3-piece tanning set which included the 4.5 oz Tanning Gel I love plus a 1 oz exfoliating scrub and a 1 oz anti cellulite contouring expert for $46. Honestly, I haven't  tried the other products but maybe I will take them with me when I travel. I'm still happy I got the set for the extra few dollars because I really love the bag it all came in and I did need a new makeup bag. 


Although the Clarins tanning gel absorbs fairly quickly into my skin,  I still have nightmares about all the beautiful linen sheets that have been ruined during my trial and error time of choosing the right tanning products and I refuse to take the chance to ruin or waste valuable time removing stains again. But I found a solution! And I waited and did not start my tanning process (process  meaning I put the gel on after my bath every night)  until it came from Australia. My Tanzee


What is a Tanzee ? It's a miracle for anyone who uses any type of self tanner. It protects your sheets. It looks beautiful and feels so silky and you slip right into it so you are not taking the chance of even one tiny bit of tanning product to get on your beautiful linen sheets! My Tanzee is rose gold and I love it so much I ordered the robe so instead of slipping into a nightie and taking the chance of ruining any of my sleepwear I can slip into a Tanzee robe. So then my tan will stay on me and NOT all over the bed or my pajamas. 


I would definitely recommend Clarins Self Tanning Express Gel and the Tanzee Bed Sheet Protector. I will let you know about the Tanzee robe once it arrives!  


Although you don't need the extra products the three piece gift set is nice if you like to have small sized items ready for traveling. Once you take your Tanzee out of the package and wash and dry it it can easily be folded to fit into the Clarins Beauty Bag along with the 3 Clarins products so all your tanning essentials can be together and ready when you are either at home or on location. 


So, I titled this post "Tanzee and Other Look Good Naked Secrets" but I wonder if you'll agree that that really the whole concept of "Looking Good," let alone "Looking Good Naked,"  all comes down to attitude. Honestly, no matter what you wear or how much you exercise, diet, primp, shop and no matter what shade your skin is, it really is a mind over matter issue. 

This mindset kept coming back to me as I was reading a new book. I happened to be reading the memoir "Beautiful Bodies" by Kimberly Rae Miller at the same time I was beginning to blog about my fake tanning routine and my Tanzee.

Kimberly Rae Miller is the best selling author of the memoir Coming Clean , which I loved, and I found out about her new book from Amazon Publishing via Instagram.  While I found Coming Clean fascinating and loved the candor and wit used by author Miller I didn't relate to that memoir as much I did with this one. I don't believe I've ever related to a book more than I did with Beautiful Bodies

I just finished explaining about my harmful tanning experiences all just to look better in a bathing suit and I thought I was done with the confessions. Let me just say that Kimberly Rae Miller is not the only one to struggle with poor body image and try every diet under the sun. This book is light and fun enough to be considered a "Beach Read" or "Chick Lit" but should not in any circumstances be limited to those categories. Rather, it should be required reading for all girls and anyone raising, teaching or anyone who loves a girl. So, everyone should read it. I was laughing from the start because she referenced so many things near and dear to my heart during my pre-teen, teenage and young adult years. Sassy Magazine to name just one. And I was crying because I know firsthand the pain she felt when she miscarried and blamed herself. I will discuss my own issues at some point but I really want to focus on this memoir now. 

If you ever felt as if you weren't enough or weren't quite right because of your size or any part of your appearance you will find this book intriguing. It's not just a memoir but also a very entertaining account of the social history that has led to a society with so many people in society faced with a power struggle with his or her own body. And it's fun. And you learn. What more could you ask from a book? I absolutely recommend Beautiful Bodies by Kimberly Rae Miller. As busy as I am, I found myself not being able to put it down and finished it yesterday during the 4th of July parade! You might want to follow Amazon Publishing on Instagram to be kept up to date on more new publishings and reviews as well! Find them here. 

My necklace is from Aries Artistic Jewelry which I blogged about  here .  Find the Instagram Account  here .

My necklace is from Aries Artistic Jewelry which I blogged about here.  Find the Instagram Account here.

Speaking of "Body Image" I wore and blogged about this 337brand Burn Out Mini Tee Shirt Dress before here. It looks entirely different because I layered a shirt and leggings under it. It was much colder when I was given the opportunity to style this dress for 337brand but also I remember thinking I wouldn't look enough if I wore just the dress. The model on the site was perfect and I was not.  However it's about 90 degrees now and regardless of how perfect the model is and how imperfect I really am with my fake tan and fake eyelashes ( courtesy of private label extensions) this is how I'm wearing the dress nowadays. I feel really great about it because I know I am enough and I'm happy with myself. I'm not perfect, because there is no such thing, obviously, and I'm spending too much time enjoying life to care. 

My watch is from Original Grain which I blogged about  here  and you can find  here .  

My watch is from Original Grain which I blogged about here and you can find here.  


Basically, other than my favorite tanning products I didn't have any 'Look Good Naked Secrets' but I will leave you with this. 


Be nice to yourself. Talk to yourself the way you would talk to your daughter or your best friend and remember: 


Thank you so much for your time and attention! I truly appreciate it.

I hope you enjoyed the post and found it worthwhile. I would love to hear your thoughts and connect furthur. 

Please feel free to leave me a comment, email, or even a link if you have something to share. I will get back to you in a timely fashion.  

Yours truly, 




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