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Evelyn's Era of Grace and Elegance: Featuring Timeless Classics from Stylewe, Zooshoo & Barbas & Zacari

"Such a different era of style, grace and elegance." 

Judy Burns  


I don't remember the exact day or even month it was when Judy Burns, an extremely well respected fifth grade teacher at my school and dear friend of mine, visited my classroom this past year with a couple of really special treasures. Maybe it was April or the beginning of May, I'm not sure.  I do know I went home that night and showed Jim and the children a fascinating book titled "Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair With Jewelry" by Elizabeth Taylor and the most elegant and charming Handbag. I felt so special that Judy had thought of me to gift these special pieces to. The book is a beautiful and revealing account of Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry collection. It is full of personal anecdotes, witty asides, and intimate reminiscences about her life, her loves and her collection. The bag is right here, on my arm, because I finally found the most perfect pieces to wear it with. I shared the bag quite briefly a while back on this post here and at the time I knew I would be sharing it again, once I found just the right look and the right pieces to do it justice. It really is such a special bag. Of course that is not just because of the classic, elegant shape and luxurious materials and workmanship that clearly went into the design of the bag but really because of the stories and emotion that are associated with the person it belonged to. Evelyn Burns was Judy Burn's mother who passed away in 2008. Judy and her brother Joe were cleaning and preparing their old childhood home to be sold when they found this bag in the Master Bedroom. 


Evelyn was the youngest child of seven children. She had one brother and five sisters. She and her siblings lived through the Great Depression and World War II and she and her mom and sisters certainly knew the value of saving, reusing and repurposing items. This bag was so carefully preserved and wrapped up nicely along with other treasures found in the Attic. I was amazed at what Judy did with some of the other treasures. She took them to Providence Picture Frame and had shadow boxes made with the most beautiful hats and hat pins. Such a wonderful idea to keep her mom's memories right with her! I was fortunate to receive the bag and the Elizabeth Taylor book and I wanted to create an outfit that would show Judy and her family how much it meant and also to honor the memory of Evelyn, who I really wish I could have had the opportunity to meet. 


This is the Nude 3/4 Sleeve Pierced Gupure Silk Blend Mini Dress from Stylewe and was created by designer Sicheng.Lisha. I think the wine ribbon detail at the front and back center of the dress adds interest and really appealing texture to an already elaborate yet elegant look. 


My watch is from Barbas & Zacari, which is the outstanding company from Australia I blogged about before, most recently here , sharing a selection from the Millennium Collection. This is the "Dawn" from the Moments Collection and can be found here. I love the minimalist look of the face and the fact it comes with a rich chestnut colored leather strap and an elegant mesh strap. Use my code: Mommyteacherfashionista20 to save 20% on this or any watch from the collection. Also  Barbas & Zacari will also donate $5.00 to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation for every watch sold. 


My necklace is my own special lucky rose gold elephant charm which I found here at Murandum. I also have a silver karma necklace and gold anchor necklace from Murandum which you will see me style soon!


My Rose Gold Pixie Pumps are the same shoes I just blogged about the other day here and are Jadams from Zooshoo. Be on the lookout for my giveaway in which two followers will each win a pair of their own Jadams shoes from Zooshoo! Enter here!


This Dark Blue Simple Buttoned A-Lined Coat from designer D.Fanni at Stylewe caught my eye right away. The button game is so strong here. The look of the shiny buttons contrasted against the dark blue velvet is striking. It can also be worn alone as a dress and to me this piece epitomizes is timeless elegance. The style is so graceful but also powerful, reminding me of the quote I began this blog post with. Judy Burns spoke of her mom's generation  as "Such a different era of style, grace and elegance."


Judy was kind enough to share some beautiful memories of her mom with me and allowed me to share them here.

Here is Evelyn with her four sisters. Aren't they delightful?? 

Here is Evelyn with her four sisters. Aren't they delightful?? 

I love all the details involved in Evelyn's Wedding Travel Outfit here. 

I love all the details involved in Evelyn's Wedding Travel Outfit here. 

Judy and I agreed that we absolutely adored this capture and wished we knew the story behind it, because most certainly there must have been a great one!

Judy and I agreed that we absolutely adored this capture and wished we knew the story behind it, because most certainly there must have been a great one!


Thank you so much for visiting the blog today! I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed creating it and getting to share a little about a special person. I hope Judy is happy with how I styled her mom's bag and knows how much I appreciate the fact she choose to share them with me. 

I would love to connect furthur so feel free to leave me a comment, email, or even a link if you have something to share! 

I truly appreciate your time, attention, and support.  

Yours truly,




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