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The Luxelle: Style With Substance and Sophistication

I truly felt like I was invited to step into a world of style and design with Luxelle. While every piece is meant to join you through amazing new experiences, it is the journeys  of the designer that have brought these one of a kind designs to life. At Luxelle they pride themselves in having unique and never mass -produced pieces for woman like myself, looking to elevate their wardrobes with bold, sophisticated garments and accessories.


Every new collection, beginning with The Origin, is inspired by the worldly travels and experiences of Luxelle designer Rahat Khan. The Luxelle brand has pieces that were created, such as my Classy Vintage Skirt with Detachable Feather in Sunshine found here and my Etihad Cotton Shirt found here, to bring to life the exotic elegance of some of the worlds most astonishing places and kingdoms, throughout the times. 


Having lived in 3 different countries by the age of 13, Luxelle founder, Rahat Khan has been a traveler from the very start. She was born in Pakistan, but raised in Saudi Arabia until 13, when she moved with her family to Chicago, Illinois. 

My necklace can be found  here .  

My necklace can be found here.  

After receiving her bachelor's degree in computer science and beginning a corporate consulting job she was fortunate enough to still be able to fulfill her passion for travel. Still, the inner love of fashion stayed with her and after 20 years in consulting she made the drastic decision to get her MBA from Northwestern University and and focus on her own company! 


After receiving her MBA, Rahat, again traveling and now walking the roads of Thailand, was inspired to officially launch Luxelle with her first collection, The Origin found here. You will definitely want to spend some time exploring her first and all her amazing collections because each is so unique and truly leaves you breathless as you imagine the stories and explorations that inspired each piece. You will also want to follow Rahat and keep up to date with each new adventure and piece here


While styling my very first and extraordinarily cherished outfit from Luxelle I choose only the most elegant and precious accessories. My red bag is so delightful and I never want to put it down!! I found it on the most amazing and unique website Lila's Beauty Bags. You will find her entire inventory here , find this adorable bag here and you can follow Lila on Instagram here. My bag is extremely well made and I adore the intricate little details. I love the fact that it's adorable and trendy  but also timeless, practical, roomy and sturdy enough for every day wear.  


I actually just got so distracted going back to the Lila's Beauty Bag website because there is such an amazing selection and I feel I absolutely need about 90% of them. The other 10% I love but not sure I positively need. Maybe I do. 


Here I am with my H2rose water again. This rose water and saffron infused beverage is quickly becoming my favorite. It's clear that the company has achieved its goal to make drinking water more interesting and exciting within my family. The addition of saffron is awesome because historically it is known to be a natural remedy to ease digestion, soothe irritated stomachs, as a mood enhancer and anxiety reducer. This combined with the benefits of rose water, which is commonly used as a topical skin toner and also purifies the body thanks to flavonoids and other essential vitamins is genius. I recommend trying the four pack here so you can experience all of the flavors and see for yourself why I am always drinking it. 


My luggage is the best I have ever had and it is from  Raden. I am using the A28 Check in light blue gloss which you can find here. It is extremely lightweight and easy to maneuver. It is made with a strong durable polycarbonate shell and maximized for volume without compromising weight. It is perfect for a long trip and comes in 10 colors. 


I recommend checking out the entire collection at Raden and find out how they are combining technology with design to provide luggage that makes travel effortless and efficient. 


My elegant fan was a gift from Fancy Hand Fans. Find the entire collection here and follow the brand on Instagram here. I loved added this accessory to my look and will also look forward to using it on all the hot summer nights I anxiously await here in Rhode Island. It's my favorite season and luckily I've found all these really amazing summertime pieces! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful. I would love to connect further so feel free to leave me a comment, email or even a link if you have something to share. I will get back to you in a timely fashion. 

I truly appreciate your time and attention.

Yours truly, 






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