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Socks By Flamingo: Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out?


I was super excited to find out about Socks by Flamingo and when my brilliant collection arrived I was beyond amazed at how vibrant the colors were and how soft they felt. 


I noticed really fabulous styling of Socks By Flamingo on from some extremely debonair gentlemen on Instagram and I'm sure you will agree that the socks add just the right amount of creative flair and fun to already debonair looks! 


Of course, Bilal Malik of @mr_bilalmalik dazzling us all with the flatlays beyond compare. 


Another gentleman with the utmost class and style, looking perfect in his Socks by Flamingo is Peter of @thegentlemanselect Instagram, twitter and of the very inspiring and entertaining blog in which he captures the essence of culture and fashion so well. 


Find the whole colorful and classy collection of Socks by Flamingo here and be sure to follow them on Instagram here to be kept up to date because this is just the start and a sneak peek of all this company has in store for all of us! 


ย My dress is from Mad Style , a company which I've blogged about many times, most recently here and here. Use my code: TEACHERJEN for 20% off this amazing site 


The dress is called The Cold Shoulder Tie Dye Dress and is actually available in many colors here.


I choose to wear this dress to present the company Socks by Flamingo because I believe Mad Style does a great job of bringing unique and original clothing for people that would rather not just 'fit in' just like this amazing new sock company! ย 

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