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Classy, Creative and Everything to Smile About: Drinkadoodledoo, StyleWe and Lila's Beauty Bag


I know you all have found that perfect piece, that really special accessory such as a hat, a scarf, bag, or a really amazing pair of shoes that you had to have. And you immediately began planning outfits around it just so you could use it? That's exactly how I felt when I received this little red bag from Lila's Beauty Bag which I also recently blogged about here and you can find here. And it's absolutely how I felt when when I received  these amazing Mason Jar Tumblers from Lindsey of Drinkadoodledoo! Yes ! I planned these outfits around my drinkware. How could I not?  Look at them. I never want to put them in my down and I especially do not want to keep them in my cupboard!  

I love them so much and of course wanted to find out more about the creative and talented Lindsey, the designer and shop owner of Drinkadoodledoo and of the delightful Instagram account @drinkadoodledoo .

When Lindsey's first child was born, she had a hard time imagining going back to work. During the many hours she spent on the couch feeding her newborn she spent a lot of time looking at Instagram and saw so many creative ideas mom's had turned into businesses on Etsy. She was inspired, and thought, "Hey,I could do that too!" She slowly started to make Mason Jars for family and friends, and only got better over time perfecting her craft. She started out just making Mason Jar glass tumblers, and am now amazingly she has expanded to plastic tumblers, coffee to-go cups, stainless steel tumblers & her newest addition, shaker/blender bottles!

This business has been such a blessing to Lindsey and her family for many reasons.

I asked her the the top 3 three things she loved the most about creating the drinkware and running her own fabulous business.

Lindsey responded:

1) I am able to stay home with my babies at such a tender age.

2) The incredible community of Instagram and the friendships/partnerships I've established with some amazing boss ladies encourage me to keep on growing creatively and as a business woman. 

3. I have the most awesome customers ever!! They make it so easy to do my job ! 

- Lindsey  

I love the fact that when you purchase a product from Lindsey's shop you are purchasing a product that is handmade with 100% love and it's so easy to see that she takes pride in every item she creates specifically for each customer. My favorite Drinkadoodledoo creations ( excluding my own 2 which I totally love and cherish)  are the ones she creates for wedding parties. 


Here is mine (behind the scenes) before she mailed it to me surrounded by a few of the Wedding Party designs. 


The possibilities are really endless because she will design any type of saying or design that is most fitting for you or the person you are buying one for. You definitely want to keep this Etsy Shop and amazing girl in mind for yourself or to make someone you know feel special. 

The dresses I choose to style my drinkware are from Stylewe I've shared dresses from Stylewe before here and here. I really adore the selection at Stylewe and appreciate the fact that every item is from an independent fashion designer. Stylewe is committed to providing shoppers with original, high quality, and exclusive fashion products from cutting edge independent fashion designers from around the world. They combine the designs with high quality production and digital marketing capabilities. They turn the designers' dreams into reality by providing high fashion to customers worldwide. Rather than it being just an online fashion site they have created a community which is shared by both designers and customers. The designer of this dress is Auchan-Ai and I loved the design so much I had to get it in both of the colors it was available in. I'm really glad I did because the dress, found in red here and black here is made out of a really beautiful fabric comprised of polyester and cotton that really allows for lots of movement to show off the flounce silhouette and frill sleeves. I love how swirly the ruffles and of course the dresses  coordinate perfectly with my Drinkadoodledoo glasses and my little red bag from Lila's Beauty Bag!


My watch is from Barbas & Zacari and you can find it here. You've seen both pairs of shoes before. You are probably so tired of seeing these red pumps from Thredup and my gold glitter pumps from Target. Both belts I added to the dresses are from other random dresses I had in my closet. The pearl necklace with the black dress is from Target and the little cupcake necklace is from Kate Spade New York and I have blogged about it before here and here. I definitely wear and wear accessories I love again and again so I'm sure you will see all of these items again, including my drinkware from Drinkadoodledoo! Who knew a glass would turn into a go to accessory? 

Thank you so much for your time and attention! I really hope you enjoyed this post and found it worthwhile.  

I would love to hear from you so feel free to leave me a comment, an email or even a link if you have something to share. I will get back to you in a timely fashion. 

Yours truly, 




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