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Yes, You Need a Craftcase Lunch Bag: Essentials With Mad Style


Is the plastic grocery bag you take to work really the best option? That's what Justin Waxman wondered and began searching the internet for a professional looking lunch bag. He wasn't sure if a lunch bag existed that he didn't feel embarrassed to take to work.  It was then he decided to design his own. He wanted to design the ultimate lunch bag to bring to the office. He decided it had to be sharp, professional, and most importantly something he could tuck into his messenger bag  so that when he ran into his boss it didn't look like his mom packed his lunch. Basically he wanted a lunch bag that didn't look like a lunchbag! A dozen samples and a year and a half later he perfected the Craftcase ! He use it everyday and has not looked back. I can absolutely see why because my husband and I are totally obsessed and even my children want to know how old they have to be to have their own Craftcase. Why ? The quality is top notch , with neoprene that allows the flexibility to fit almost anything in it ( even large containers) and best of all it looks great! I believe it has a lot of style for a man or a woman because whether you are all dressed up or totally dressed down you don't want your lunchbag to overpower your look or turn a chic look into a 'mom, ' 'dad,' or 'kid on his or her first job' look. They are definitely the only lunch bag to bring to work, school, the beach, or anywhere! They are so streamlined and unassuming you can be prepared with your own healthy, homemade foods whenever you want and wherever you go! Justin and I are giving one person the opportunity to win their own Craftcase! Comment on this blogpost or on the Instagram post you see with me and my Craftcase ( announcing the giveaway) and tell us why you definitely need your own ( I mean you all need one so this is very easy) and be sure to be following Craftcase on Instagram ! 


Find your own Craftcase in either blue or black  here . Use code: MTFASH15 for 15% off! 

Find your own Craftcase in either blue or black here. Use code: MTFASH15 for 15% off! 


I have been really excited lately about a brand new water I discovered! Some of you may have noticed it on my instastories or if you know me in real life you've heard me talk about it and even spied it on my classroom desk and a few of you have seen me out and about around town with my H2rose water.  My whole family enjoys the different flavors which include Mango, Wild Berry, Apple, and Peach. Find them all here and discover the difference you will feel when you switch to this rose water and saffron infused drink. I will share more details and even recipes in future posts because like the Craftcase lunch bag, H2rose is one of my latest obsessions. 


One person will win a black Craftcase Lunch Bag and a bento case!  


More essentials with 'Mad Style' actually include my asymmetrical tunic with ruffle and liquid matte metallic leggings from the company Mad Style! I've featured many of my fabulous finds from Madstyle before such as that amazing shorts/skirt piece and the 4 in one maxi-dress I blogged about here. Use my code: TEACHERJEN for 20% off any purchase at Mad Style! 


This is a slightly different version of the look with the addition of my crop top from Groceries Apparel which I blogged about here and you can find here and minus my hair extensions.  


My last essential with 'Mad Style' is certainly not my least. It is an amazing satin lined cap from Grace Eleyae ! I love it because just like the Craftcase lunch bags, H2rose water, and my essentials from Mad Style, the satin lined caps combine style and functionality and make my life easier and more enjoyable! They are not just ordinary caps. The satin lining keeps my hair moisturized and protected which I definitely need nowadays as I've been changing hair styles so often and also trying to take the utmost care of my hair so I soon won't require hair extensions to enjoy long hair. You will see and hear more about this brand. My children have been enjoying the slaps which you can find here and will see on them soon. 


I hope you enjoyed this post and found it worthwhile. I most certainly appreciate your time and attention. Please let me your thoughts and also why you would love to win your own Craftcase lunch bag!  When purchasing your own use code: MTFASH15 to save 15%! 

Your support and feedback mean a great deal to me.  

Thank you so much!  

Yours truly, 




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Warrior Within Designs: Ethical, Innovative and Fashionable Visionary Art