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Sassy Strawberries  & Cream: Restyling a Favorite Red Dress featuring Zooshoo & Lila's Beauty Bag

Sassy Strawberries & Cream: Restyling a Favorite Red Dress featuring Zooshoo & Lila's Beauty Bag

Let's start with the title. First I was going to go with just 'Strawberries & Cream" because when I looked at the outfit as a whole, especially the shoes, I  felt like it was fun and playful and a bit 'airy' but also a little bit practical, kind of like strawberries & cream. Then I thought people might think it was just a recipe and skip it so I was going to call it 'Sexy Strawberries & Cream" because to me this is one of my sexier, more grown up sexy dresses. Then I didn't want to use the word 'sexy' in the title because I thought it would be presumptuous or even obnoxious to call myself sexy. So sassy worked. I'm sassy. At least I can be when necessary. I lengthened the title, as I usually do, because this post wouldn't be possible or even happening at all if it wasn't for Lila's Beauty Bag and ZooShoo and their impressive and extraordinary selection of accessories! 


Let's move on to the dress. I found in 2 years ago on ThredUp, which is an amazing website for brand name and designer clothes, shoes, and handbags. 


I've worn this Laundry by Shelli Segal dress several times over the last 2 years and one of my favorite ways to style it was with a huge comfy plaid blanket scarf,over the knee boots, and a wool hat which I blogged about here. Obviously it was quite a few months ago and it was perfect and festive enough for the December Holiday Season.  


When I saw this Raffia Beach Pom Pom Handbag on Lila's Beauty Bag website I seriously had to have it. I mean, look at it. I know, we have seen Pom Poms before. On sandals, on tops, on jeans, as keychains and yes, on bags. However I will share will you why I had to have THIS particular Pom Pom bag. The main material is linen with a polyester lining. It is not a loosely knit summer straw bag we see everywhere,use a few times and watch fall apart. The raffia on this bag is extremely durable and although the style is meant for the spring and summer months the durability is what I would expect from an all year all purpose investment bag. The smooth lining inside makes it easy to carry all my essentials neatly and their are both interior and exterior pockets to keep things extra organized. I love the fact it has both a zipper and a long strap so I can carry it on my shoulder and run around on a busy day without losing anything and without the awkwardness of trying to balance a shorter handbag, my son's hand, library books, and fruit stand findings at the park. The bag is actually roomy enough for snacks, books and even little Lego creations if necessary. 


I have my Ringly, which is a smart accessory I blogged about in detail here and my "Love to Shop Classic Charm Bracelet" is from Lovita & Co. which you may have seen here


I am wearing Mink Eyelash Extensions from Private Label Extensions. I blogged about them in detail here. Still obsessed!!! 


These shoes. I love how these Kym Round Toe Oxfords by J.Adams look with the Pom Pom bag !!! So fun! They are super comfortable and since I've had them I've created a bunch of fun outfits inspired by the shoe/bag combination which I will most definitely be sharing in future blog posts! You can find these shoes here at Zooshoo for only $30.00 and use code : BEFREE for Free Shipping! I also recently found these and these at  Zooshoo and will be sharing them on future blog posts as well! 


So. Speaking of strawberries. We were speaking of strawberries right ?  


Here is a real 'Sexy Strawberry."

That is really the name of this cocktail. 


And here is how you make it:

You need: 

2 oz. rum

2 oz. strawberries  

2 oz. rose tequila  


Put 1.5 cups of ice in your blender. Add 1/2 cup of rum and 1/2 cup tequila, 1/2 cup  strawberries  and blend. Enjoy!


This is the quickest,easiest and most delightful little dessert you will ever make!

Find the recipe here and let me know what you think!! 

Find more awesome reviews and recipes here from our friends at The Villiage Bakery.

Thank you so much for your time and attention! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together! 

I would love to connect furthur so please feel free to leave me a comment, email or even a link if you have something to share ! I will get back to you in a timely fashion.  

I truly appreciate your time and support! 

Yours truly, 




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