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Gentleman's Box: Grand Slam Great Indeed


It was so delightful to receive the June 2017 Gentleman's Box. The May Edition, which I blogged about here was my introduction to this go-to resource for stylish gentlemen. I love this subscription box and the fact that it brings not only products that help gentlemen look good but also insight on how to be good. Of course the combination of looking good and being good leads to feeling good. Find out more here and order your own subscription here. Save $5.00 off your first box with my code MTF5. 


This month is all about Dads, with an editorial on the "dad hat" trend, favorite "dapper dads," dad jokes and of course tips for all gentlemen such as how to stay cool in a suit and accessorizing in warm weather. The #gentlemanschallenge is presented which encourages men to support others in achieving their goals.


It is fitting that this month Gentleman's Box  choose to honor Gram Slam Great Roger Federer who is not only an excellent father figure, but an outstanding athlete and a great supporter of many charities. 

His philosophy for raising children is simple and actually something I relate to and remember my husband and I agreeing on in the early years of planning a family. Federer feels that as long as his children enjoy what they are doing, he is happy. I definitely think children should be exposed to as many opportunities as possible but should always have the freedom to explore and spend time on the things that resonate within them. I love that Federer states this and shares that it is the philosophy of his parents as well. 

Their honeree recently won the Australian Open and will compete at Wimbledon in early July. His success has been instrumental in allowing him to invest and support many charities such as the Humpty Dumpty Foundation, Make-A-Wish-Foundation, and many others. He even started a foundation that supports children's education in Africa.  


The pieces chosen for June 2017 are as outstanding as their honoree which you can see here. Each of the four items from the June 2017 box are carefully chosen to complement each other but definitely stand alone as luxurious essentials. 



The tie is made by Aristo Tie and from fashion capital Sydney, Australia. It's a midnight navy with brilliant coral polka dots. It's a really nice woven micro-fiber with extra density to provide a silky smooth feel. It can compliment many shades and ideas for coordination are actually outlined in the Gentleman's Box Booklet. It retails at $39.00. Find the whole Aristo Tie collection here.


The socks are from Golden Rabbit, retail at $14.00 and are a classic striped coral and navy. They are 70% cotton, 20% nylon, 7% polyester and 3% spandex. They are the perfect weight for summer weather! You can visit the Golden Rabbit to see a wide variety of socks for men and women here and save 20% off your next purchase by using this code: GDNRBBT01.  


The watch is called The Albert and is from Defined Men. It retails at $55.00 and I really like the elegant minimal design. It definitely can be worn for formal or casual occasions. The Albert has a 42mm face with a water resistance of 3 ATM. Attached to the face is a 20mm dark brown genuine leather band. Find the entire Defined Men Collection here


The pocket square is made from 100% cotton and is from Gentlemen Essentials. It is a crisp white with a navy hand-stitched edging. The pocket square pairs perfectly with the Aristo tie because the navy edging is the exact color of the tie. This pocket square retails at $12.00 and you can find the entire Gentlemen Essentials collection here


I knew these accessories looked familiar when I was scrolling through my Instagram feed the other day and sure enough @mr_bilalmalik was wearing this exact June 2017 Gentleman's Box Collection. 


And not surprisingly I found @mr_bilalmalik and @dappered.dave featured right there on the inside cover of my monthly booklet.  I've mentioned both of these gentlemen on the blog, most recently here and  here

Although the Gentleman's Box is a great value, with this month bringing you $118.00 worth of incredibly fabulous merchandise for less than $30.00,  it is so much more than a subscription box service for men. It's truly a mindset and way of life that is reinforced monthly with up to the minute style, fashion and lifestyle tips and products that should not be overlooked. 

Thank you so much for your time and attention. I hope you found this enjoyable and worthwhile. I'd love to connect so feel free to leave me a comment, email or even a link if you have something to share.  

Happy Father's Day to those of you honoring a special person and to those of you being honored! 

Yours truly, 



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