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Warrior Within Designs: Ethical, Innovative and Fashionable Visionary Art

Warrior Within Designs: Ethical, Innovative and Fashionable Visionary Art


I am extremely excited to introduce you to Warrior Within Designs. I first noticed them when I saw so many many people wearing different versions of their famous 'onesies.' Descibed by many as boho chic meets psychedelic fashion, the Warrior Within Onesies are wearable art perfect for festivals, yoga, EMD, dance, and everyday wear! The onesies are also known as full piece jump suits, rompers, shortsies, playsuits, and/or cat suits. This amazing ethical, family owned and operated clothing and fashion company also creates bell bottoms, leggings, yoga pants, kimonos, dresses and more!


Everything is proudly made in San Francisco, California and this is the vision of JenJen, creatoress, owner, and designer at Warrior Within Designs

"My fellow Warriors, may you always remember who you are and what you are here for. May you be brave in recognizing and walking your own path. May your Warrior Within dissolve the chains of expectations and and limitations. May you accept and love your true self so that you will be the most powerful thing on the planet. HAPPY!"

Love Jenjen

Createress/ Designer/ Owner


Their clothes are made for people in motion, living deliberately, fully, building communities and knowing the power and rippling impact of their actions. The all in one garment - the "Onesie" - is the freeing, comfort body glove and my first piece from the vast collection at Warrior Within Designs is actually (surprise, surprise) a dress! However it's not just any dress. It's the Huntress Cinch Dress and might be the most versatile of the collection. It has an abundant cowl which can be worn as a hood, shawl, off the shoulder, as a strapless top or simply down. I actually played with it a lot and for this particular shoot I kept it on one shoulder as a kind of shawl and off the other shoulder.


I kept the whole look balanced with the Penny leggings from the amazing company Leg Appeal, which you can read more about here, here and here. I've found the most amazing lingerie, stockings, and tights there recently and blogged about them of course. 


JenJen of Warrior Within Designs, who you can follow on Instagram and Facebook to be the first to hear of new creations and arrivals, reminds me so much of Sue Fontana and her amazing company, Aries Artistic Jewelry, which you can read all about here and see more of here and here. Artists JenJen and Sue both believe in celebrating inner beauty and celebrating the uniqueness within all of us. They have strong ethical values and work hard to empower women with their extraordinary and flattering fashionable pieces. They make the woman wearing them feel special since the creations are so special themselves! 


Although here it is quite hidden in my hair extensions I am wearing one of my favorite pieces from Aries Artistic Jewelry found in the Pearls of Wisdom Collection. There are a few other pieces I have my eye on that I think coordinate so well with the Warrior Within Designs Collection. What do you think? Would you pair Sue's amazing designs with Jen Jen's glorious creations ? 


Before I leave this post I must let you know that Warrior Within Designs and I are having a giveaway! One person will win their own Huntress Cinch Dress but as you can see here and here there are many different variations of it ! You get to choose the one you want if you win. All you have to do is be following both me and JenJen ( Warrior Within Designs) on Instagram and comment why you would like to win your own Cinch Dress and how you would style it! You may comment here on the blog or on one of my Instagram posts featuring the dress. Can't wait to hear from you and hear your ideas! 

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today! I hope you are as inspired as I am by the creative and artistic designs I shared. 

I truly appreciate your time and attention and would love to connect further. Please feel free to leave me a comment, email or even a link if you have something to share.  

Yours truly, 





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