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 Mommyteacherfashionista started out as a simple Instagram page many years ago where I shared ideas from my classroom, family life and literally, my closet, taking my share of mirror selfies. My vision now is to connect with both my readers and the companies and businesses I highlight as I share stories, products and brands I believe represent my philosophies on style, fashion, and appreciating life in general. I believe style is personal, a reflection of who we are and something that makes us unique. I believe we should always be the best possible versions of ourselves and remember to never settle or sacrifice who we are regardless of what the modern world or outside influences dictate. 

I am proud to present Harrison Blake Apparel. I recently had the opportunity to review the subscription service and was completely delighted by the June 2017 installment.  

Harrison Blake Apparel is unique in the fact that they manufacture all the pieces themselves exclusively for each monthly collection, consisting of a tie and four other unique accessories or lifestyle products. 


This pin stole my heart immediately because it reminded me of Beatrix Potter and my husband. Jim grew up hearing the tales of 'Peter Rabbit and Friends' which were read to him by his late parents. He has since read the entire treasury to our daughter and our son. Characters such as Squirrel Nutkin and Jeremy Fisher are kind of household names in our family. You can see why this pin stole my heart and because of this I was led to further explore the company that is Harrison Blake Apparel. 


I definitely love the unique wooden bracelet included in the June 2017 subscription box. It is both charming and sophisticated, and I can picture it with a casual weekend look as well as matched with the elegant printed tie also included in the set.  


The texture of this tie is beautiful and the subtle design is very appealing. It is the perfect shade to coordinate with gray, navy or camel.  


The June 2017 subscription box which can be found here  also includes a great shaker cup and a very generously sized apron. It would be great to give to a man along with grill or other cooking/ drink-mixing tools and recipes. 


This is everything at a glance that is included at the very affordable price of $25.00 a month. There is actually a code: SEASON which you may use if you are a new customer and it will save you $15.00 off your first box here. Harrison Blake Apparel has an awesome Instagram account @wearlapelpins which you can find here

I told you that the Beatrix Potter ( well, the rabbit ) lapel pin totally stole my heart and led me to further explore Harrison Blake Apparel and I am delighted to share with you what I found. First of all this quote kept popping up in my head:  


As much as I love beautiful prints, textures and colors on a guy, there's nothing I love more than when an accessory manages to capture the personality of the wearer in a meaningful way. So, here I go with my absolute favorite items from Harrison Blake Apparel. They give me so many gift-giving ideas for my husband, dad, cousins, uncles, friends and even my son when he gets a little bit older.  


The loveliest little ink pen tie bar can be found here



What's not to love about this Whale tie bar? Find it here to finish off a fabulous preppy or nautical look. This seriously reminds me of Pinocchio which actually reminds me of Gepetto which reminds me of my grandfather. This is what I love about these unique pieces. They can call to mind so many different things since they are designed with so much personality.  


I am a Rhode Island girl so naturally the Silver Anchor Tie Bar which you can find here  captured my attention. 


Another one of my favorites is the Silver Umbrella Tie Bar which you can find here. There are really so many unique accessories available at Harrison Blake Apparel. Shop the entire inventory here

I've been subscribing to the amazing Harrison Blake Apparel podcast series  "The Life of a Gentleman" hosted by my friend Denis Carvajal for years. The most recent podcast has a really great discussion about Denis' collaboration with Zyloware and the fabulous Randy Jackson eyewear collection. Denis can be found on Facebook, Instagram often wearing the many beautiful, unique pieces from Harrison Blake Apparel. 


All of these ties and accessories are from Harrison Blake Apparel but there are so many more here. You will definitely want to follow @wearlapelpins for up to date fashion inspiration with personality and class. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it worthwhile. I strive to inspire and connect by sharing the wonderful things I notice in my little world and hope you enjoy them too.

I would love to connect so feel free to leave me an email, comment or link if you have something to share. I respond to everyone in a timely manner. 

Yours truly, 




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