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The Essence of Femininity

I was thrilled to recently discover an amazing company that is truly committed to making a woman look and feel her best in the most feminine way.  Leg Appeal is a modern legwear boudoir that is completely unique in its wide variety of tights, nylons, socks, and leggings. The one thing that all of the items have in common is that they are all made to allow a woman to embrace her femininity, and to look and feel her absolute best. Being feminine is so much more than how a woman dresses but I believe when we dress to express our inner self it gives us the confidence to be the best version of who we want to be.


When I discovered Leg Appeal I had the opportunity to speak to owner Elana. Elana and I chatted about her collection and she helped me choose the best pieces that were suitable for my body type and lifestyle. When I let her know a little more about myself and my desire to dress up and embrace my femininity regardless of what others did and thought she was excited. And I quote "That is awesome. I think with the feminist movement, feminism has been downplayed or forgotten about. This is a shame.  A woman's softness,  creativity, nurturing nature, sensuality, controlled dignity...the very things that in many ways make us unique from our counterparts, are things to be revered and not forgotten in our quest for equality. Without feminism our society suffers greatly." Its easy to see in Elana's entire collection that she is doing her part to keep femininity alive.


After trying six completely different items from Leg Appeal I can assure you without hesitation that they are the highest quality legwear products I've worn. Some of you may have seen my instastories and know how thrilled I was to receive the items last Saturday. I spent some time during the week planning future outfits based on my new legwear. 


I decided that my new dress from Shein would be the perfect match for the Emmy I 04 stockings because the subtle flowery, ethereal theme throughout compliments the romantic vintage vibes of the Printed Plunge Neck Open Back Kimono Wrap Dress. Honestly, my first instinct was to pair them then had second thoughts thinking it was all too much design. Ultimately I believe the two pieces are gorgeous enough to be paired without one overwhelming or overpowering the other. 


My choice of bag is the Mia from the Oliver Bilou Company. Because of the romantic, feminine theme of the outfit I thought it was best to choose a bag with structure and practicality for my busy lifestyle but also luxurious and with impeccable details to add to the glamour of the ensemble. 


The Mia bag has an amazing mix of smooth and quilted materials and is accented with rose gold details. It has inner pockets including one for an iPhone, an inner key ring, and I love the inner quote: "Nothing is ever as it seems. Find your magic." 

I believe the Emmy stockings from Leg Appeal, the Printed Kimono Wrap Dress from Shein, and the Mia from Oliver Bilou all embody the essence of femininity. I had to add only the most elegant finishing touches to this outfit. I choose my infinity necklace from Name Necklace Official. You may remember it from my last post when I wore it combined with two other custom designed necklaces. For this outfit I felt one was just right.


I literally topped off my look with 2 of my new favorite things to wear on my head. My hair extensions from Irresistible Me and my hat from Aventura Clothing. They have been seen over and over in my instastories and of course I incorporated them into this most feminine ensemble which I actually can't wait to put on again! 

Thank you so much for your time and attention this evening! I truly hope you found this post worthwhile and appreciate all feedback. 

Hope to connect with you soon! 

Yours truly, 



Shopping Information  

Stockings:  http://www.shoplegappeal.com/holy-matrimony/emmy-i-04?rq=emmy%2004

Dress: http://bit.ly/2p8Fvlc


Necklace: https://have2have.it/namenecklaceofficial

Hair Extensions:  https://www.irresistibleme.com/?utm_source=instagram&utm_campaign=instagram

Hat:  http://www.aventuraclothing.com/albany-hat/Z28600-03/detail



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