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Gentlemen's Box & Jack Beam Black Partnership: Honoring Southern Gentlemen

Just as style and taste go hand and hand, so do Jim Beam Black and Gentleman's Box. For over 200 years and seven generations, bourbon enthusiasts have enjoyed the taste of Jim Beam. It is distilled in the heart of Kentucky and embraces the spirit of the Southern Gentleman. Gentleman's Box has remained true to its commitment to bringing only the best in lifestyle essentials and grooming necessities for the modern man, and this collection honoring Southern Gentlemen is extraordinary. 



In May they honored a large group of gentlemen characterized by casual elegance. Jim Beam Black and Gentleman's Box recognize the Southern Gentleman as one who has an inviting nature and charming personality. Chivalry lives on as they will be the first to hold the door open, and their last word will end in ma'am or sir. Although the location is what catagorizes them, they are really honored for their gentleman-like qualities. 


The Dark Knot is a men's tie and accessory company. The company began in response to the expensive cost of men's accessories. They create affordable accessories so you can have the option of mixing and matching. 

For this May Edition of the Gentleman's Box The Dark Knot presents a beautiful microfiber lapel flower. It's extremely well made and elegant and I definitely would pay the $29.00 retail price if it didn't come at such a great value in the Gentleman' Box (the subscription is only $25.00 a month). I love the color and can picture it coordinating well with black, gray or navy. Find the whole collection of accessories from The Dark Knot here. 


This is my favorite item in the whole box! It's called Kentucky Bourbon Lotion and is made by a family owned business based out of Louisville, KY called A.J.Murray's. They began their business in 2007 and base their company on faith, family, and fun. Their products are made from all natural ingredients which I LOVE, and this lotion has base notes of vetiver and cider blend with bourbon, cognac, palmarosa, and rose. It's extremely fresh and appealing. Find the entire collection here


These wooden coasters were made exclusively for Gentleman's Box members. They are handcrafted by Woodchuck USA from 100% sustainably-sourced walnut wood. 

Woodchuck USA was founded in 2012 and they aim to put nature back into people's lives, bring jobs back to America, and bring quality back to products. They plant one tree for every product sold. It takes one tree to make 3000 products, so they replenish the forests roughly 3,000 times more than they use. Find their collection here.  


The socks are not just adorable and extremely dapper. They are extremely well made from Southern Scholar. Southern Scholar has a great reputation for crafting unique, yet professional designs for gentlemen. Their socks are woven to stay in place throughout the day and add a subtle sophistication to your outfit. They provide excellent durability, fit, and comfort. The cuff is ribbed to stay in place at the calf and the spandex and polyester blend allows for softness and breathability. They also have reinforced stitching on the toe cap and heel to prevent holes. They are very reasonably priced at only $12.00 if you were to buy them separately but it's so awesome that such a great quality product was included in the $25.00 Gentleman's Box. Find the entire Southern Scholar collection here


This tie is exceptionally classy and perfect for this collection from Jim Beam Black and Gentleman's Box honoring the Southern Gentleman.  It is made by the lifestyle brand Salt + Dapper that is known for celebrating old standards and uniting them with modern design. The entire collection can be found here. 





Use CODE: MTF5 for $5.00 off your first Gentleman's Box here.


I would definitely recommend checking out the Gentleman Box. They will be releasing another collection honoring the Southern Gentleman but this is just one example of what you or a guy you love can look forward to each month. Use my code: MTF5 for $5.00 off your first box here.

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