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Madison Street Leather: Bow Ties with a Homespun Luxurious Twist

Madison Street Leather: Bow Ties with a Homespun Luxurious Twist


I was completely intrigued when I found out about Madison Street Leather on Instagram. A designer I've respected and followed for years, Eric K. , shared his beautiful creation from Nathan Begnaud and I had to find out more about it. I headed here and was completely delighted at the uniqueness of the collection and still had to find out more.  

Nathan came to with this idea, the leather custom made bow tie , in 2013. He approached his dad who works exclusively with leather here but his dad didn't think the idea was for him. Nathan continued to think about it but did not act upon it because he felt he really didn't know anything about leather or even how to make anything. This all changed ! 

One day in 2015 Nathan went to get a cup of coffee and on the sleeve of his cup was a bow tie! He decided he had to pitch the idea to his dad again and this time his dad agreed to take him on as an apprentice. The results of his dad's skills invested in him and a lot of creativity from both Nathan and his wife has birthed the amazing Madison Street Leather. See it all here


I am amazed at the process and workmanship involved in making the ties. They hand select their hides so they can be sure of the quality. After cutting the bow ties they bevel the edges and then put on a high quality leather  balm. After the drying is finished they rub them with sheep wool to give them that beautiful shine. They then add a water based, natural gum based edge slicking to give the edges a sophisticated  slick look that is definitely unlike anything I've seen. They measure placement of holes for the stitch pattern selected and punch holes into the leather. After all this his craftsman places each bow tie individually in his stitching saddle and hand stitches it with a beautiful wax thread. The finishing touch of a "keeper" is placed over the center of the bow tie and then a rivet is hammered into it by hand before the strap is then placed making it ready to wear !


I feel so special knowing the care and precision that went into creating these bow ties that my son and I absolutely love wearing! This is what I feel luxury is. When you feel so good about a product or piece or even a selection on a menu that it makes you feel special. I first thought of getting these bow ties for my husband and son. I thought my son could give it to Jim while he was wearing his and then they would have matching amazing accessories! However, I love my bow tie so much I am keeping this one and going to choose another for Jim. I will probably choose a few because there is such an amazing selection.


Shop here and see the entire line which includes an amazing kid's selection and also special bow ties for pets. I can picture a bride or groom to be outfitting ushers and a ring bearer and even pets with a matching set for their special day. 


I love my burgundy selection and think it coordinates so well with this Jack dress I found at Thredup for less than $20.00. Find similar here. My shirt is from Express and my shoes are Isaac Mizhari from Thredup. He actually has an amazing affordable collection here if you can't find exactly what you need at Thredup. 


My watch is from Barbas & Zacari and they have a wide selection of luxurious watches for any occasion. Find the complete collection here

My bag is the Mia from Oliver Bilou and you've seen it a couple of times, actually  here  and here because it truly is an amazing bag. 

My hair extensions are from Irresistible Me and they carry so many different types of 100% natural hair extensions, wigs, tools and hair care products. Find them here

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your time and attention!

I hope you found this post worthwhile and hope it inspires you the way Nathan and Madison Street Leather inspired me to style this look, shop for my son and husband and and write this post! 

I would love to connect so feel free to leave me a comment or even a link if you have something you would like to share and I will definitely be in touch!

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