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Bricks and Beams, Hopes and Dreams:Creative Fashion and Lifestyle Inspiration


I It's no secret that I've been completely obsessed with the selection of nylons, stockings and tights found at ShopLegAppeal and these tights called 'Brick Way' are one of the reasons why. I find regular opaque black stockings slimming and love how they diminish anxiety about short hemlines and create a long silhouette. These stockings with their sassy brick pattern design do all of that but also create a much more interesting and enticing look. They are a perfect legwear staple with just the right amount of pizazz to make you feel special and keep your entire look elevated. They are perfect with my skater style faux leather mini  skirt which is Zara brand but I found it at Thredup.


Leather and faux leather has taken center stage the past few seasons, gracing the runways in many different colors and forms. By far my favorite leather silhouette as of late is the surprisingly versatile and figure flattering skater skirt. It's feminine shape and edgy finish make for an endlessly wearable wardrobe addition. I've been styling and restyling this same skirt for seasons and I love the way my Brick-Way tights complement it. The texture takes it from playful to sophisticated and a little bit sexy but still classy, especially when the elegant Isaac Mizrahi pumps are added. 


I kept this entire look girly by adding the lacey camisole and cold shoulder floral top. My hair  extensions and hat also add a romantic old fashion type of vibe to this look which I've always admired in paintings and novels from past centuries. 

My bag is called the Mia and it's from Oliver Bilou. You've may have noticed it here because I like the structure and practicality it adds to a feminine look. I really appreciate the fine details such as the rose gold tassel and hardware and love the hidden quote which states, "Nothing is ever as it seems. Stay in your magic." 

The 'Brick' pattern reminded me of a few quotes when I wore this outfit last week.


This first one is a great reminder that we will always be faced with criticism and doubt but we have to rise above it and prove we are capable of all be strive to be. I don't mean prove to the others, the naysayers. Those people really don't matter. I mean we have to prove it to ourselves. We have to keep our own vision protected by continuing to pursue our goals and dreams until they become reality. Many times that requires ignoring outside negative influences. Sometimes that's all it requires. 

This next quote got me to thinking about how sometimes creativity flows so easily and other times it seems to be stifled. 


When I feel I am metaphorically hitting that brick wall there are a few things I can depend on to help the creativity flow.  

1. Step away from all technology and go outside. Something about the fresh air and wide open spaces can help me to come up with a solution I wasn't seeing when immersed with information. Many times creativity is simply finding a unique solution to a problem. A new way of looking at something that can inspire others to make a change or try something new.  

2. Read a book. I find reading fiction creatively stimulating because it allows my mind the freedom to think thoughts I might not have otherwise. Thinking about things by way of another character by reading fiction opens our mind and helps up think less rigidly.  

3. Criticize later. Sometimes I think I am too critical with myself when immersed in a project and it's as if some part of my mind feels threatened and withdraws. If I let the ideas flow without stopping to think about how silly they are it ends up working out better. Sometimes I have to force myself to let the ideas flow and then I go back to sort them out later to determine what will work.  

4. Think like a child. I am fortunate because I am a kindergarten teacher and working with small children every day and seeing the small things that can make a child happy like having a stuffed animal to read to, getting a high five from our principal, or just telling them something funny inspires me. It keeps me young of mind and when we are young of mind nothing is impossible and only our imagination limits us. 

5. Surround myself with creative people. I am fortunate to have connected with creative people that I can always look to for inspiration. These people continue to amaze me and I've learned so much from them. It's important to take time to reflect and appreciate their talents and for me sometimes that's all it takes to get me creating again. I'm sure many of you recognize yourself as you read this so thank you!!!  

The last 'brick' quote I was reminded of while wearing my Brick-Way tights is this one:



This means so much to me, especially with tomorrow being Mother's Day and I have been reflective about my own mother and also my role as a mother. There are so many things we can do to turn our 'bricks and beams' into homes full of "hopes and dreams." I believe the best we can do is to allow each other the freedom and space to be ourselves and express ourselves without judgement or ridicule. A home needs to be a place in which all members are cherished and respected. Then there are a whole bunch of little things we can do to help our houses feel more like home. I always feel my house feels most like home when I am preparing a meal my mom made for me as a child. I think it's the scents that bring back the fond memories. These are a few that come to my mind quickly and I've linked the easy versions of the recipes ( not my mother's). Even if they are not your childhood favorites I can assure you the wafting aromas will provide as much nourishment for the soul as the food will add to your body. 

1. Sausage and Peppers Easy Recipe 



2. Coconut Milk Chicken Easy Recipe  


3. Individual Chicken Pot Pie Easy Recipe  


4. No Knead Homemade Bread Easy Recipe  


5. Chocolate Chip Cookies Easy Recipe  


A house can also be made to feel more like a home when you are mindful of the use of space and decor. We use meaningful artwork, collections and heirlooms that tell the story of who we are and where we've been. At this time of the year many people are traveling or planning adventures for the summer. This is a good opportunity to create memorable decorations. Find 13 ways to go this here.


Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it worthwhile. I sometimes find myself setting out to write about one thing and then get distracted by other thoughts and reflections. This started out as a post about how I created an outfit based on as amazing pair of stockings from ShopLegAppeal and I ended up sharing a lot more. Does this ever happen to you? Do your fashion choices inspire or influence you in other parts of your life? Do you ever find one piece of clothing you love so much you can't wait to style and restyle and share? Do famous quotes or song lyrics cause your mind to work overtime?

I would truly love to hear from you. Feel free to leave me a comment or even a link if you have something to share.  

I appreciate your time and attention so much!  

Yours truly, 




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