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Don't Wait For the Perfect Moment...Just Take A Moment and Make It Perfect

Don't Wait For the Perfect Moment...Just Take A Moment and Make It Perfect

What does that even mean? A perfect moment? To me, a perfect moment is an experience spent with others when time stands still. It is a time full of the present, when the past is left behind and the future is set aside. It is a special time of focused attention and heightened awareness. Interruptions and distractions are consciously excluded. iPhones and other technology are turned off. Hearts are wide open. All that matters is the moment and people we are with and conversations we are having.  


After reflecting on several encounters which left me feeling as if the moments were anything but perfect, I realized there were definite steps I could take, things I could make sure of to create more "perfect" moments in my life. I realized it is important to to be intentional with my time, energy and focus. To fully enjoy the people I am with I must do my part to stay in moment ( do not let my mind wander to yesterday's regrets or tomorrow's problems), add positive energy, and be real ( none of that fake breezy small talk). It's important to be curious ( it's amazing how much connection and energy can be created by asking genuine learning questions ) and to be helpful and generous with attention and energy. A perfect moment is always experienced and enjoyed mutually so although I know I am not responsible for another's happiness, this is a lens to guide my interactions. I also need to remember to lighten up ! I shouldn't stop and think about whether or not the moment is perfect. It's just about enjoying time with the people I am with!   

Thinking about the whole concept of not waiting around for a moment reminds me of the way I approach clothing and fashion. I don't wait for an occasion and then buy a special outfit. I create special outfits and make them work for whatever is going on in my life. I recently found a fabulous dress at  https://goo.gl/ZGRTE9.  It can be just the right dress to pair with strappy sandals and not much else for a night out, but I added tights and OTK boots for a more dressed down vibe. I could also throw on a cropped jacket, cardigan or blazer to make it an easy look to wear anywhere , day or night.  



This is the Sleeveless, Backless Pleated Wine Red Dress and can be purchased here:  http://m.romwe.com/Sleeveless-Backless-Pleated-Wine-Red-Dress-p-100463-cat-725.html It's actually on sale right now for $16.14 and if you are a new customer they are offering 60% off your first order.


I found so many things while searching the  https://goo.gl/ZGRTE9 app and I'm looking forward to styling these pieces next.



I know you are wondering about that gorgeous watch and bracelet I'm wearing.  



Even though it's true: 


We still do need to keep track of time and what better way than with this elegant, versatile timepiece? I love the sophistication of the design and the beautiful unique quality of the coordinating bracelet.  

They are both from  https://www.christianpaul.com.au/ . 

Christian Paul Watches are created by Sydney born designer Timothy Caruana. He fuses together all of what Sydney has to offer from culture, color and landscapes into beautiful timepieces. His designs incorporate the beautiful coastal beaches, the historic rocks on the harbour and maintain a minimalistic, on trend, signature, forever wearable style. Why the name Christian Paul? It's Timothy's son! 

Speaking of time and keeping track of time, I often find ways and recipes that speed up the meal preparation and entertaining process. Unfortunately that can also lead to speeding up and rushing through mealtime which can be counterproductive when it comes to creating perfect moments with the special people in our lives. 


This meal is all about taking your time. Take the time to prepare each course and allow your guests to savor every part. Let your guests feel that sitting down for this meal is a one of those simple priceless pleasures and that you truly enjoy their company. 

Growing up in a big Italian family, I experienced this type of meal more often than not. Sadly, everyday life has turned it into a special occasion type meal in my house. I'm going to call this "Slow Down & Savor." It can mean to literally savor the food that you take the time to plan and prepare or savor the perfect moments you will create when sharing it. 

Slow Down & Savor Dinner


Radicchio Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette  


Pancetta Portabella Pizza


Thank you so much for your time and attention. I hope it inspires you to create your own perfect moments.

What "perfect" moment have you experienced lately? Was it planned or did it happen randomly? If you didn't plan it how did you or others take the moment and make it special? I'd love to hear from you ! 

Yours truly, 





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