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Because She Chooses To See the World In Bright Colors

I came across this quote the other day and it made me reflect for a moment. I choose to see the world in bright colors. I don't mean this in just the literal sense, although those of you that know me well know that in fashion, food, home decor, and in my classroom I certainly do prefer lots of color. I tend to see the glass as "half full" , often feeling situations could be cause for optimism. I may be considered a hopeless "Pollyanna" at times but I would rather think positive and accept the hardship as it comes rather than worry about something horrible that may never happen.

I see the world, or at least the environment around me, as a canvas. Every struggle, happy time, sad time and meaningful event can be associated with a color. I appreciate all of them and know all are necessary to complete my story. I believe it's how I react and interact with each component is what we ultimately bring what is truly meant for me. 

I am often drawn to pieces of clothing that are expressive and artfully designed, yet practical and fun for my daily life. I was happily surprised to find https://www.instagram.com/leotanewyork/ The Leota New York company makes easy to wear printed dresses for every woman. The founder, Sarah Carson, named the line after her great-grandmother Leota. The brand believes in strong matriarchs, good manners, working hard, and dressing the part. 

The tenets that guide the process and product at Leota are: 

1. Art: The dresses lead with bold print that are hand painted in house. There is art, pattern and color everywhere in Leota. 

2.Dressing the Part: You need to be ready for lots of compliments because the dresses are so flattering that will become your own personal "uniform." 

3.Treating People Right: The dresses are manufactured fully in NYC because they believe in forming lasting partnerships with seamstresss, and always ensure good working conditions while supporting a strong economy. 

4.Changing the World: You can't do that in uncomfortable clothes. Their dresses are machine washable, wrinkle free, travel friendly and comfortable.

I selected the Nouveau Sheath Dress in Glow. It is the shape shifter you need in your closet. It has a reversible neckline and I am showing both options here. When I first saw the dress I immediately thought it would look perfect with stilettos but I also think it's great with these dark booties and would even dress it down further with keds for a very laid back kind of day. The short length of the dress is nicely balanced with loose cut bracelet length sleeves.

The Nouveau Sheath Dress in Glow can be found here  https://shop.leota.com/products/nouveau-sheath-dress-in-glow and also comes in a full figure size here https://shop.leota.com/products/nouveau-sheath-in-glow-full-figure


My belt is from White House Black Market. It was part of a polka dot dress I found last summer. The necklace is from  https://www.7charmingsisters.com/ and I will share lots of information about it soon! 


My shoes are from Target. I wear them all the time and have them in leopard and gold. You see them all the time if you are a regular here. And if you are a regular here, by the way, I absolutely adore you xoxo !!  


I turned the dress backwards to show the other neckline and removed the belt. The jacket is from the children's department at Target. It is the Cat&Jack line which I love even more than my 11 year old does. I am wearing the same necklace, called the "What's Your Super Power? "  from http://instagram.com/7charmingsisters which I promise I will get to soon. 


My boots are Calvin Klein from Burlington Coat Factory. 


Leota has so many other colorful options! I am looking at these currently and deciding which one I would like to buy next.  



Speaking of colorful, this is my new favorite necklace from 7 Charming Sisters. I love this line and have been a customer for more than a year. The 7 in their name refers to their seven different lines of jewelry. I took a quick test-  https://www.7charmingsisters.com/pages/sister-quiz Go ahead , check it out !!!!! 

I found out my personality most matched up with a Jessica Sexy Nerd and this necklace is from that collection.  

Find out more about Jessica here  https://www.7charmingsisters.com/collections/sisters-jessica

and this amazing necklace here  https://www.7charmingsisters.com/collections/necklaces/products/whats-superpower-blue-gold-crystal-collar-necklace



It's called the "What's Your Super Power Necklace" and I love the bold cobalt and canary crystal pairings with the more muted pastel toned stones. The contrast is very flattering and it's just the perfect collarbone for me! I promise you will see it lots throughout the spring and summer because when I love something, I REALLY love it. 

The colors in my Leota dress and 7 Charming Sisters necklace reminded me of a picture I saw of Amelie's French Bakery. 


I love to use fresh fruit as soon as it is available in all my cooking and baking. One of my favorite, and yes, so colorful ways to use fruit is to make a Mixed Berry Tart. 



You can serve this lovely tart with creme chantilly, the French name for sweetened whipped cream that's flavored with a touch of vanilla or liqueur. 

There are many different ways to make individual fruit tarts and they can be as simple or fancy as you prefer. 




Also, chocolate covered strawberries are a great idea to top a large or individual fruit tart and here's a very easy technique.  



I hope you enjoyed this collection of a few ways I'm enjoying lots of color right now. Thank you so much for your time and attention. It is truly appreciated and I'm happy to connect with each of you. If you have the time to leave a comment I will respond to you in a timely manner and would also love to hear and see what you've been up to. Feel free to leave a link if you have something to share. 

Yours truly, 




Don't Wait For the Perfect Moment...Just Take A Moment and Make It Perfect

Don't Wait For the Perfect Moment...Just Take A Moment and Make It Perfect

Don't Be Like the Rest of Them, Darling