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A Feeling Not a Season

I came across a quote this morning that I really loved and decided to create a little picture with the same sweet words to add to my Instastory. Edna Farber’s exact quote was “Christmas is not a season. It is a feeling.” 


These words mean a lot to me as I have spent this past month, maybe the last couple of months, thinking about the upcoming holidays and how to make them special for those I love and create some memorable moments.  My kindergarten students as well as many others this year have taught me a great deal about appreciation. About the importance of those little things. Sometimes it’s not a fancy, expensive present tied up with the most elegant of bows that makes the difference but stopping in the middle of a busy day to actually call someone just because you are thinking about them or bringing someone a cup of tea because you know they had a sore throat the day before or, for my students, getting up out of your seat and giving your teacher a hug because you are glad to be in school. It’s those things that make the difference and make every day “Christmas” to me. The way you make others feel is an all the time thing, not a “holiday” thing. 

These outfits are not necessarily “Holiday” but I will be wearing them this week during this extra festive, sparkly time of the year and I wanted to share my new pieces! 


My 2 in 1 Tweed Babydoll Blouse can be found here for less than $20.00! It’s from Shein, of course, where I’ve found so many awesome dresses, coats, vests, boots, and just about every kind of fashionable this year!


My necklace was a present from my very good friend at work, Jennifer Pierce. She teaches kindergarten next door to me and I truly do not know what I would do without her. She gifted me with this necklace on Thursday and I immediately told her the exact outfit I would wear it with! 


My pearl bracelet is from Pearl Rack and my colorful watch is from Stefano Lungo Watches. I blogged about them here when I included them in my Holiday Gift Guide.  


This Shein original is called the  Lantern Sleeve Floral Shift Dress and linked here. I was tempted to wear it with OTK boots but the fabulous thing about my pieces from Shein are that they are so well made and versatile they can be styled so many different ways and worn so often! I’m sure next time to see this dress I’ll be wearing it in an entirely different way! The shoes you see here are JAdams rose gold Mary-Janes from Zooshoo.


I found this gorgeous Neiman Marcus/ Robert Rodriguez for Target cocktail dress at Thredup and it was new with tags and completely perfect. That reminds me I have a huge bag to send to them. Did you know you could send them clothes for credit, cash or as a charitable donation! And they send you the bag! For free!  Find out more here.


My shoes are from Aerosoles, called “Onward” and you can find them here. They are super-duper comfortable even as I headed out onto my icy cul-de-sac this morning to get to see my amazing friend, confidante and hairdresser Jannine Hansen. She did an awesome job as usual, don’t you think?

Find this Target Bauble Bar  Statement   Necklace   here ! Such a fabulous piece! Love how the crystals are displayed within the antique gold finish! 

Find this Target Bauble Bar Statement Necklace here! Such a fabulous piece! Love how the crystals are displayed within the antique gold finish! 

Speaking of making people feel special I can’t believe what just happened at the hair salon today. Ashley, who is another favorite and fabulous hair-dresser of mine received this totally unique present from her customer (who was actually her grandmother too)! It looked like a bottle of wine or olive oil but it was an umbrella and I instantly fell in love with it and then all of a sudden Ashley and her grandma gave me the umbrella! Omg ! And I needed it because I needed to get to these pictures done and not have my hair ruined! And it’s the BEST umbrella ever! Thank you so much Evelyn Sarro and Ashley Young! You are both the best! 

Thank you so much everyone for taking the the time to visit my blog today and I wish you all health, happiness and love now and always! 

I would love to hear from you and connect furthur so feel free to leave me a comment, email or even a link if you have something to share.  

I truly appreciate your time, attention and feedback. 

Yours truly, 




Me and My Vinrella! Thank you again, Ashley and Evelyn! 

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