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Dressing up for the holidays or a special party is all about having fun and being extra- fancy and maybe even a little seductive. Practicality is not required, or even desired. Whether you're entertaining at home or going out on the town, it's a time to dress up and play with the colors, textures and daring cuts you might not consider in broad daylight. You could slip into a little black dress, satin jeans, or a sequined T-shirt. Swathe yourself in an iridescent silk wrap.


You can find all of these items and so much more priced affordably at Shein, where I found my Velvet Swing Dress and Off The Shoulder Embroidered Dress With Ruffles.


There were actually so many great styles and items I fell in love with when I was searching my Shein app and when Jannine, my awesome and amazing friend (and best hairdresser in RI) looked over my shoulder she loved a lot of outfits too but when she saw the Off the Shoulder Dress she said "STOP! You HAVE to get that one." And I agreed because I have the white Shein version and it's one of my favorites! You might remember I blogged about it here and actually here too.


I'm really glad I did get it because it looks and feels so beautiful in person. It's a great soft fabric with just the right amount of stretch and the embroidery is perfect to add interest but not overpower the elegant design of the dress.


I found the layered choker I’m wearing  yesterday at Target in the clearance aisle! Can you believe it was less than $7.00?


I'm really glad I decided on the Velvet Swing Dress from Shein too because the rich colors and gold within the embroidery really make it easy to style at this time of the year. I love the way the dress swings and flows so beautifully when I move. It actually has two layers and the ruffles at the bottom are such a nice detail but do not compete with the gorgeousness of the print. I added a belt that came with a dress I found at Thredup. I think this is a great option for a special daytime event or just a fabulous way to make an ordinary day more special!  


Once you find special new pieces that you can't live without for the holiday season you are ready to just change into party shoes and very sheer stockings or you can stay stylish and super warm and cover your legs with OTK boots like I did with two different pairs of burgundy beauties from Just Fab.


Add some sparkly necklaces and maybe a faux fur purse like this one available here now and a couple of fun hats like these I found at Thredup and that's all you need to paint the town red...or burgundy;) !  

Let's talk Affordability. Can you believe both of these dresses came to a grand total of $41.00? Yes, two dresses for this ridiculously low price at Shein! And when I signed up to be a VIP at Just Fab ( sign up here) I was able to purchase both pairs of boots for a total of $39.95! All of these items ( and so many more) are still available at Shein and JUST FAB so happy shopping!


I found both of these faux fur coats at Forever 21 a couple of weeks ago. Find the burgundy one here and the ivory one right here.


One more thing: Do not wait for a holiday or party to wear any of these items! Every day can be special and worthy of an awesome outfit especially with fun pieces like these that won't ruin your gift-shopping budget!

Thank you so much for your time and attention. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it worthwhile.

I would love to connect furthur so feel free to leave me a comment, email or even a link if you have something to share. I will get back to you in a timely fashion. 

Yours truly, 




PS. This is my very first Shein dress which inspired me to buy more and more and more...

Dear Santa:I’ve Been (Very)Good and Shein is having a (Huge) Sale!

Dear Santa:I’ve Been (Very)Good and Shein is having a (Huge) Sale!

Growth Mindset Reflections: Featuring Shein's Colorful Faux Fur Vest & On-Trend Ultra Sexy OTK Boots From Just Fab

Growth Mindset Reflections: Featuring Shein's Colorful Faux Fur Vest & On-Trend Ultra Sexy OTK Boots From Just Fab