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My December Favorites: 6 Ultimate Must-Haves

I’m super excited to share what I believe are ultimate must-haves for right now and for seasons to come. I’ve done lots of searching and research on various sites, instagram shops, blogs, and of course my own closet and I believe these are the most perfect pieces to create amazing outfits and enhance any wardrobe.


With Thanksgiving behind us, and the final season of the year officially in full swing, we must end the year with our very best looks, right? 

I believe these six items should be added to your wardrobe ASAP. They are all available through the links provided and you will see they are all affordable, elegant and timeless. Each of the six items was chosen because it stood out to me as extra-special, memorable and also versatile. I wanted pieces that could be styled in entirely different ways as the new year begins.


1.  A Show- Stopping  Fitted & Ruffled Dress In Red or Your  Favorite Festive Color 

2. An Adorable Plaid Mini Dress 

3. A Perfect Elegant and Comfortable Black Dress With Half Sleeve and in a Lustrous Fabric That Can Be Dressed Up or Down

4. An Outstanding Faux Fur Jacket

5. An Extremely High Quaility Yet Affordable Classic Pearl Set  With Extra Pizazz

6. A Modern, Stylish Versatile Timepiece & Coordinating Buckle Bangle  


I recently shared gorgeous Shein dresses I’m wearing for various holiday parties/events on and then found awesome accessories from Shein which I put together in a ‘Dear Santa’ wish list. When I decided I still wanted special outfits for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day of course I headed back to Shein’s site where I found my first 2 definite “Must-Haves.”

I thought the last dresses I shared were my favorite and I couldn’t possibly find more dresses quite so flattering and fun but of course, Shein never disappoints and I found this One Side Tiered Ruffle Dress and Perfect Holiday Plaid Dress and these two might be my new favorites.


I found my number 3 Must-Have at Lindsay Nicholas New York months ago (yes, I’ve been thinking about this post for awhile) and you might remember the dress if you’ve been following my blog or my instagram. I couldn’t wait until the Holidays to actually wear it even though I wanted to style it for the Holidays! It was a tough decision to choose the one perfect black dress it because really, there are a lot available both in the stores and on websites and I had some in my closet as well.  I kept falling in love with dress after dress after dress and choosing different ones for my Number 3 Must Have. Then I found Lindsay Nicholas New York and I was amazed! She has such a great selection of perfect dresses that are equally sophisticated and feminine and can be definitely worn day into evening. I choose this one because I thought it had just the right amount of detail such as the pockets and feminine half sleeves and I really liked the design of it. I feel it is special but does not compete with the special accessories I choose. I’m going to wear it on New Year’s Eve with the red shoes and on my daughter’s birthday with the blue shoes and of course both times with the faux fur jacket, pearl set and watch/bangle set. This brings us to Must-Haves 4, 5, and 6!

This jacket. I have SO much to say about this fabulous faux fur jacket  and the new company I recently discovered on Instagram!  Have you ever heard of VIBE Clothing Company? I started following the brand as soon as I look a peek at their feed and website because I love the trendy, fun and totally relaxed ‘Vibe’ of everything! And when I say everything I mean everything. They carry a full line of everything you could possibly need in your wardrobe. Yes, they do have a gorgeous line of comfortable, colorful dresses, tops and bottoms but that’s not even the best part.

My cheetah clutch is from  The   Providence   Story . 

My cheetah clutch is from The Providence Story

They also have an amazing assortment of the most unique vests and kimonos which coordinate beautifully with all their pieces without being ‘matchy-matchy.’ It seems like every time I am on Instagram VIBE Clothing Company is posting something new. When I saw this faux fur jacket with the caption “It’s just the cutest little fur jacket...ever!” I agreed and immediately knew I had to have it.


Of course, every day VIBE Clothing Company  seems to be purposely alluring me with one fabulous piece after another! For example you must take a look at this pair of shoes! Really unique leopard booties, right? And did I mention they have hats? Check out all their jewelry and accessories here.

I also really admire and appreciate the dedication VIBE Clothing Company  has to their belief that woman should excude confidence in their clothing without sacrificing comfort and affordability. Their on-trend designs are made for all sizes and definitely makes a busy woman’s life easier with so much versatility throughout the line.

I must admit this faux fur jacket, my Number 5 Must-Have (pearl set ) and Number 6 (watch & bangle set) were what I kept in mind while choosing numbers 1,2, and 3 ( the dresses). I honestly knew right when I saw this jacket and the pearl set from Pearl Rack and watch/bangle set from Marc Bale that I could create perfect looks for December keeping these accessories as a constant throughout each look.

You might remember my post a few weeks back when I shared how I styled Pearl Rack’s  Sterling Silver Lariat Pearl Necklace with 6 different outfits. I love the whimsical yet classy look of the lariat but for these outfits I wanted classic with a touch of pizazz. That’s why I choose this White Double Strand Layer Freshwater Round Pearl Necklace and Bracelet Set With Crystal Ball.

The workmanship is incomparable. Both pieces are hand knotted together with 10mm crystal ball and 10mm round pearl and finished with a 16mm 18K white gold plated magnetic clasp. The length of the short strand is 17 inches and the long strand is 18.” The bracelet is 8 inches and these off round pearls have a white brilliant rich overtone and luster surface.

Pearl Rack really has so much to choose from at affordable prices. It’s amazing that you can have genuine hand-crafted jewelry at such low prices. I’m still thinking about what I’m going to buy some really special people in my life and I’m thinking how nice it would be to gift them genuine pearls. Perhaps this delicate pendant necklace for my daughter and this multi-colored freshwater bracelet for her teacher. The options are endless.

Speaking of options I am completely obsessed over this watch / bangle set from Marc Bale that’s on its way to me and one of the reasons is the endless different ways it can be styled. I actually came across it when looking for a special gift for a friend of mine that enjoys wearing a lot of red and black. I love that you can change the bands and actually have two gorgeous statement timepieces for the price of one. The very low price of one, I may add. I’ve worn and shared many watches on Instagram and here on the blog and I have to say this one really captured my eye. Definitely gift-worthy!  


Then I decided I needed the set too because... well I wear a lot of red and black too and honestly I can’t resist the beautiful bangle which reminds me of Santa’s belt. Lol. I am obviously showing my kindergarten/mommy side here. Anyway, it’s not just gift-worthy it’s a definite must have! I just ordered it so I didn’t get to wear it with these outfits today for these pictures however I still wanted to add it as my number 6 Must Have because, well, the watch and bangle set is a must have! Look for this set on my stories when I actually wear these outfits for the occasions I told you about ! I’m sure I will find other outfits that it will be perfect with as well so I’ll be sure to share those looks too!

I did mention that when I searched for the very 6 best pieces to add to my wardrobe that of course I checked my own wardrobe to see what I really needed. All of the shoes I’m wearing were already in my closet and most are from Thredup. I decided I didn’t need any new shoes for December because of the great shoes I already had. I’m thankful for Thredup because I save up to 80% on perfect quality on-trend items. I also found my ice cream soda bag there. The only shoes that are not from Thredup are the Bleu De France Block Pump pair and you’ve seen them here on my blog many times before! They are from Inch 2 and can be found here. I think they keep my casual look chic and interesting. 

I know a lot of people prefer to give and often appreciate getting gift cards. I would definitely recommend considering gifting your loved ones cards to Pearl Rack, VIBE Clothing Company , Shein , Lindsay Nicholas New York,  Marc Bale or Marc Bale’s sister Company, The Peach Box. How can you go wrong when all of these places have amazing quality and never ending options? All at affordable prices without sacrificing style.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it worthwhile.

I truly appreciate your time and attention and would love to connect furthur. Please feel free to leave me a comment, email, or even a link if you have something to share. I will most definitely get back to you in a timely fashion!

Yours truly,




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