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Dear Santa:I’ve Been (Very)Good and Shein is having a (Huge) Sale!

Dear Santa ( or anyone that happens to be searching for the most fabulous & fashionable accessories to give all the lovely ladies on their list),

Can you believe how gorgeous this bag is, Santa? It’s definitely the most wonderful shade of red and the might be most beautifully detailed bag in the world.  


This is the Metal Lock Crossbody Chain bag and you can find it here for less than $30.00! I really think I need it, Santa, for the next time I wear my Rose Off The Shoulder Embroidered Dress. Or do you think this one will be better? 


This cute little pouch bag is perfect for when I only need my iPhone and a little wallet and of course, lipstick! Find it here for only $12.00! I may have to pick up a few of these for my daughter and her friends. 

Oh my goodness, Santa, you won’t believe it but I just noticed another great bag I think I really need! But don’t worry, it’s from Shein and not only extra -amazing but also extra affordable ( because I know you have a long list and the elves can’t make everything) ! 



This is the Double Dragonfly  Decorated Shoulder Bag and I’m completely amazed by the stunning design and intricate details for only $26.00! Find it here. I have an awesome friend that I really think will love it too so I may have to add it to my cart now. 

There are really so many great choices of accessories at Shein right now. There are many more bags in classic styles:



This very elegant Brown Ring Faux Suede Flap Bag is less than $29.00 here.  


This awesome and very versatile Vegan Tote Bag With Wallet is available in three colors and only $23.00 here.


To me this Tasseled Quilted Crossbody Bag is the epitome of feminity and timeless elegance. Pink, quilted, and then that perfect tassel adds a bit of pizazz but doesn’t distract or make it too whimsical to bring to a business meeting. Honestly, it’s only $10.00 here and comes in several gorgeous colors so it’s hard for me to NOT to scoop up a bunch.

What about you, Santa? Are you going to get tons of these to fill stockings with this year? Isn’t it fun to shop at Shein for pretty pocketbooks? 

They also have a wonderful selection of shoes! I know I already asked for a pocketbook and I don’t want to be greedy but Santa, can you just picture me with these Side Zipper Calico Embroidered Booties?


I might really really really need them. What do you think? They are seriously only $43.00 here


I have seen so many beautiful embroidered pieces this season, however the colors, workmanship and style of these particular boots is truly outstanding. If I had these boots I’m sure they would quickly become my favorites. 

Obviously, Santa, you can do all your shopping right now, and then relax a bit. Spend some time with Mrs. Claus and the elves. Wait. I think Mrs. Claus might want this bag. Can you picture her with this  Velvet Bag With Bow ? It’s only $11.00 here


Happy Shopping! 

Thank you, Santa, for spreading so much joy around the world every year. I love how you inspire so many people to share their hearts and show they care. I don’t really mean with gifts ( although they are appreciated) but with those little sweet gestures that mean the most.

A smile, a shared laugh, a warm hug and any little reminder that we are loved and not alone in this crazy world is all we need. 




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