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Birthday Surprises With Style: written with much appreciation xoxoxo 

Birthday Surprises With Style: written with much appreciation xoxoxo 

During the first week of June, I entered a giveaway on Instagram hosted by the lovely Katy of @wearwhatwhere and @elenafominajewelry. I was already following Katy and have been inspired by her unique style for years. I eagerly entered the giveaway by choosing my favorite color necklace and tagging a few friends.  I was delighted to find out I won and received the necklace a few days before my birthday. I decided I loved it so much I wanted to wear it on my birthday and found this dress at www.nordstromrack.com to wear it with.

This is my dad , some of you may know him as Ron Cece/photographer , Ronnie, or Mr.Cece. To me he is 'Daddy' , 'Papa' or 'DADDY!!!' 

We had some fun at the playground in Warren, Rhode Island ( after I shopped). This quaint little town is one of my favorite places in the state.

I love my necklace from www.elenafominadesign.com so much ! I'm glad I choose the color I did because it's been so easy to style and seems to add just the right amount of eclectic flair and elegance to so many looks.

These are some of the other designs available and what I had to chose from. They are all so gorgeous and made of genuine stones and Swarovski elements . 

Here are some of the ways I styled the necklace: 

I couldn't even stop admiring my new necklace as I was trying on clothes at www.express.com the other day.

 Thanks , mom , for the birthday money. 😉 I did end up buying the red dress and those pants and a couple of other pairs of pants. They were all ridiculously marked down, by the way, so you might want to check out the deals yourself.  The adorable www.candycourtboutique.com tassel bracelets on my right arm were a sweet surprise from my dear friend, Alison. I really love them but not as much as I love her. Thank you, Alison, for always being there. Words can not thank you enough for your constant support. 

I included my Elena Fomina necklace and the tassel bracelets when styling the black pants. I love the fit of this pair called the "Mid Rise Flare" and they are only $22.00 today. 

Speaking of birthday surprises, I was really excited to receive this amazing www.zara.com dress from my even more amazing and always thoughtful best friend. I put it on right away and kept it casual with these www.target.com wedges and this hat from www.burlingtoncoatfactory.com. 

However , I'm looking forward to wearing it in a more dressed up way , with my Elena Fomina necklace, of course. 

Thank you so much , everyone , for allowing me to share a little bit of my birthday , and a whole lot of my style and musings this past year. 

It's been exactly one year since I began this blog and I've learned so much from all of you. 

I appreciate your support and inspiration a great deal. 

Yours truly,



Ps. My future cake... For another  year , another post ...

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