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Daisies On My Mind

Daisies certainly are the friendliest of flowers.  I love how the turquoise color in this daisy necklace cheerfully complements the pattern of my Calvin Klein dress. I was happy to find both items at www.burlingtoncoatfactory.com last summer. 

Since then , I've accumulated other accessories with a daisy motif such as this fabulous hat from www.chicnova.com. It's available now for only $12.00! 

This beautiful bag is from www.nicoleleeusa.com.

I really love how Marc Jacob's Daisy Dream perfume has a fruity floral scent that is etheral, spirited, and luminous. It's perfect for this time of year.

Planning this outfit kept reminding me of so many different things.

The line Meg Ryan delivers from one of my favorite movies:

The song I learned in kindergarten about a bicycle built for two:

One of my favorite quotes from "The Great Gatsby" :

Princess Daisy :

And this super easy cupcake recipe which I adapted from my mom's 1966 Betty Crocker Cake Mix Cookbook: 

The book - 

 Just looking at this book brings me back to my early childhood. There is a recipe called 'Lazy Daisy Cake' which I turned into 'Lazy Daisy Cupcakes.'

They are as easy as they look. Simply follow the directions of any cake mix, filling 2 cupcake trays. Use ready made frosting , any flavor,and cut marshmallows in the shape of flower petals. It's easy to make different colors with colored sugar crystals or you can leave the petals white. Use any small candy for the center. They are great to bring to a child's birthday party or even a baby or bridal shower. I think they would look very pretty arranged on a tiered platter, almost like a bouquet of real daisies! 

So, yes, I've had daisies on my mind.

And I hope that you enjoyed this post. 

I certainly appreciate your time and attention.

 I've loved your feedback on my previous posts and I'm so glad to connect with all of you. 

Yours truly,



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