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Easy Like...Saturday Morning? 

Easy Like...Saturday Morning? 

Sometimes you just have a really busy week and can't wait for the weekend so you can relax, right?  Wait, sometimes? Well, for me, most times.  What about when you get through a busy week ( for me , teaching , parenting, and all that jazz) and then Saturday comes and you realize it's so jam packed that you really are not going to get a chance to relax anytime soon? 

I decided to make my day extra simple by wearing this maxidress from www.glamourfarmsboutique.com. It's super easy to look put together with a dress that already has the colorblocking and print-mixing built in, and is about as comfortable as my softest, absolute   favorite  pajamas. 

And, like most Saturdays, I made my day not just easier, but more delightful, by starting out at Angelika & Me Hair Salon, in Johnston, RI.

I know I can always count on treats and a good Lifetime movie every time I visit Susan, Connie, and Bob at the salon.

It was easy to accessorize this dress by wearing two of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I've worn this Luluavenue necklace so many times since I bought it last Fall. It's a staple in the collection sold by one of my good friends, Alana. She is @style_by_alana on Instagram or you can go directly to her site www.luluavenue.com/sites/alanaj to purchase it. 

Quick close-up of the leather and freshwater pearl bracelet you might recognize from my post last week -

It was handmade by Maya Larson -@connectionsbymaya  / etsy , IG, Twitter, FB, Pinterest 

This is an especially busy Saturday because soon we are off to the theater where both of my children are performing in the 'Beyond The Rainbow' Spring Show. My son has already informed me I may need headphones/earplugs for one part. 


However, I'd like to thank Angelina, my 10 year old, for taking time away from practicing her singing and dancing to take my pictures today. 

She's always my best girl. 

I'd also like to thank my 6 year old for taking time away from his singing and dancing to be quiet so I could type this up. 

My best little guy, aka Lego Kid 

I am looking forward to the performance all the children have been preparing for for so long. The rehearsals were amazing and the music teacher, Ms.Rodi,truly deserves a medal for her talent and extreme patience. 

I am also looking forward to later , when I can be even more cozy ( although this dress is super comfortable) with these new slippers I found at boohoo.com 

and my favorite pajamas from good ol' Target, which reminds me , I need to go there now. The cartwheel offer on woman's and junior clothing expires today. 😉

Have a lovely Saturday ! 

Thanks for visiting the blog , hope you find yourself inspired to relax today! 

Yours truly,



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That's All She Wore-My Week, Fashionably Speaking 

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