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Connections By Maya-Handcrafted Artisan Designs Celebrating the Language of the Soul

Connections By Maya-Handcrafted Artisan Designs Celebrating the Language of the Soul

It seems fitting, today, on Mother's Day, to share the story of an amazing business woman and mom I recently had the pleasure to meet. She is an artist, a true She-E-O , running www.etsy.com/shop/connectionsbymaya singlehandedly.  Her love affair with jewelry began when she was a little girl, holding her mother's jewelry up to the light and being amazed at how it sparkled and danced in the light. Having invaded her mom's jewelry box over and over, one day her mom said to her "Maya, you should have been a gypsy!" That was the beginning of her live long passion for all things sparkly which morphed into an amazing eclectic mix of fabulous pieces of jewelry consisting of beautiful, affordable, unforgettable designs. 

She uses genuine distressed leather imported from Europe, natural turquoise and freshwater pearls. Her pieces consist of sterling silver, Karen Hill Tribe silver, and some silver plated elements. I love this bracelet , which is one of her top sellers , and also includes a single brass bead imported from Africa. 

It can be styled into a chic look such as this one :

Or a look with a Southwestern flair:

Or a little bit boho:

Or kind of cow girl: 

There are earrings to match:

She may even make you a necklace if you express interest. Maya's business is all about that 'connection' with each customer. She will choose and combine elements into fabulous, casual or elegant, classy , easy to wear, memorable, affordable,must -have jewelry to suit any customer's needs. 

She also caters to the modern, contemporary, urban chic customer with more minimalist pieces such as her most recent bracelet. 

It is made of saddle deerskin leather and gold beauty and is the newest launch at connectionsbymaya. 

I love this bracelet and I want to wear it with a scarf I found last year (target.com) for Memorial Day or the 4th of July ( or both occasions). Both the bracelet and scarf are fun statement pieces for the whole season, really. 

It's not surprising that Maya Larson, living so close to Sundance, is inspired by the beauty and philosophy of the resort. 

Robert Redford purchased the 6,000 acres in 1969, named the land Sundance, and since then over 5,000 artists have been supported and fostered into a creative community in which they can learn, grow, connect, and give back. 

She is also drawn to the southwest influence, the casual feel, and the outdoorsy ruggedness combined with a very feminine touch that she sees in the products in the Sundance catalog. 

She is able to make her jewelry at a much more affordable price because she does everything herself , there is no middle man involved. 

Feel free to contact Maya at any time about any of her pieces. She is very accessible and can be found:




Twitter - @connectionsbym


Pinterest.com/ connectionsbymaya

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! 

I sincerely appreciate your time and attention. 

Hope you are as inspired by Maya and her creative soul as I am. 

Yours truly,



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