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Just Another 'Manic Monday' - Beating the Monday Blues 

Just Another 'Manic Monday' - Beating the Monday Blues 

"Music is what feelings sound like."   Prince 

If there is one song that pops into my head on a weekly basis , setting my feelings to music , it is the 1986 hit 'Manic Monday' recorded by The Bangles, written by none other than the amazing Prince. He wrote it in 1984, using a pseudonym "Christopher" with the intention of giving it to Apollina6.  Later it became The Bangle's first hit from their album Different Light. 

This is one , easy , foolproof way to avoid this : 

I know , I know , it's not exactly earth- shattering or ground breaking advice , but plan out your outfit the night before. However , not just any outfit , make your Monday outfit something you feel your best in. For me , that would be bright colors or a wrap dress. Preferably a bright colored wrap dress like this Jessica Simpon dress I found at thredUP.com.

 Hat: Eugenia Kim

Sandals: Macy's

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Bag: MK Michael Straw Gabriella 

Bandana: asos

Rings: Lucky brand

Snake Bracelet: d.alexandercollections.com/ @d.alexandercollections/ Instagram 

Tory Burch bracelet: pre-owned from tradesy.com

Earrings: Kenda Scott from lastcall.com

Perfume: Jessica Simpson Fancy Love (my all time favorite) 

Blush: Too Faced perfect flush blush in Sparkling Bellini  ( I will give full review of this product in a few days) 

Another way to beat that 'Manic Monday' feeling is with "The Blissful Teacher" essential oil mist line created by Beth Wrobel. 

I tried the 'Lesson Plan Luxury ' scent and love the uplifting, energizing feeling that came from the lemongrass. 

Beth has a full line of teacher inspired essential oil sprays using therapeutic grade essential oils. These homeopathic sprays are available in a variety of blends and can help with a variety of ailments. Trouble sleeping? Anxious? Joint or muscle pain? There is a spray for everyone, you don't even have to be a teacher. Choose from lemongrass, lavender, clove, ginger, peppermint and more! 

The mists have the cutest names and would be perfect to give your favorite teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day or as a Thank You gift for a teacher friend who helps you out ALL the time ( thanks, guys, you know who you are 😉) . 

Find Beth and her products:

The Blissful Teacher / Facebook

@theblissfulteacherllc / Instagram



Hope your Monday and all the days to follow are not manic, bit more like another classic song, this one covered by Prince:

"Jump in, let's go, lay down, enjoy the show"

From 'Everyday is A Winding Road'

Thanks, friends, it goes without saying, life is short , enjoy the moments. 

Follow your heart. 

Appreciate those who are good to you. 

Yours truly,




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