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Perfectly Wrapped Up

Perfectly Wrapped Up

There's just something about a wrap dress. Actually, there are many things about a wrap dress that make me keep searching for more and wearing the heck out of the ones I own.   For example, I wore this Nine West wrap dress from thredUP.com not too long ago with heavy tights, boots, a scarf , and gloves. I'm going to change the accessories just a bit and wear it again tomorrow.  

  Bag: Kurt Geiger Shoes: River Island Bando Keychain: John Lewis       Scarf: Chan Luu New Cashmere and Silk - sandspointshop.com  Hat: luxurydivas.com   Vintage style summer round sunglasses: wsdear.com 

Before I go on about what makes the wrap dress so special , I have to take a moment to give credit to the most amazing Diane Von Furstenberg. She invented the iconic wrap dress in the 70's that was about to become a symbol of feminity, women's freedom, a staple and so much more than a dress.  

 To this day, a wrap dress is the perfect style and solution for all ages, shapes, occasions, and events. 

It perfectly blends effortlessness femininity , sexiness, and casual sophisticated elegance. 

It is easy to get into and even easier to get out of. 

The way it follows your body, enhancing and concealing at the same time is what makes it so amazing for all body types. I think it does look best on a curvier shape. It reminds me of the breathtaking beauty of Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren , who needed only a simple garment to show off their curves better than any layers or sophisticated garment could. 

There are so many variations of wrap dresses nowadays. They are made from all fabrics , from jersey to silk blends, in all styles , from mini to maxi, long to no-sleeve, and have all kinds of patterns, from wild prints to clean designs.

If you are not convinced yet , that you must own a few (or a gazillion ) wrap dresses , then take a look at some of these lovely variations.  

They are easily found everywhere from the Gap to Bloomingdale's and everywhere in between. I wore wrap dresses throughout each of my three pregnancies and they are readily available now at most maternity destinations.  

 Looking for your own authentic DVF?  This is a small sample of what she has available for this season: 

  In closing , I think it's fair to say that it's easy to be ready for anything and look your best when you are 'Perfectly Wrapped Up' in a wrap dress. 

I guess that's why I often find myself hanging around Room 3 in one.  

  Just remember, as with everything you wear-    Thanks so much for taking the time to check this out. I hope it was worthwhile because your time and attention is always appreciated. 

Yours truly, 




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