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Everyday Luxury: The Belle Helene Bag in Pantone Serenity 

I love to use accessories to express my style. A nice , well maintained bag is an important part of an outfit and is crucial to pulling a look together.  Although I am not one for following fashion rules, I do have some general dos and don'ts I follow. 

Do have at least two everyday bags in your wardrobe: one for spring/summer and one for fall/winter, each in a basic shade you love. A leather bag can go all- year round but a new lighter weight bag will give an immediate lift to all those spring and summer clothes in your wardrobe. 

Do make an effort to keep the inside of your handbag simple and clean. Hunting frantically through a bag for makeup or keys is never a good look. Choose a bag with compartments on the inside and outside to to hold necessities and keep them easily accessible. 

Do check the lining of a bag. It should be toned to match so it looks classy , not cheap . Also pay attention to the construction of the strap. If it's poorly made , it'll cheapen the bag. 

Do wrap bags in scarves and store them so they are protected from dust . Place handles - especially chains - inside so they don't mark the outside. It's a good idea to do this every time you return a bag to a shelf or drawer. 

Don't mistake high price for quality. Check out workmanship: well- toned , even stitching; zippers that open and close easily; snaps that stay shut.

Don't buy a bag that's going to be a problem to close. Buckles and drawstrings can be time-consuming. 

I recently found what I believe is the perfect everyday bag . It is called Belle Helene in Pantone Serenity. It is from Bagavond , which is a company that makes luxury , hand-curated purses, handbags, tote bags, and accessories.  

        I was glad to find it because it meets the criteria for an everyday bag and the color is so beautiful for this time of year , when I am looking forward to spring styles and shades. 

It has front and back top zipper pockets, top zipper closure , inside zipper pockets and accessory pockets , and adjustable and detachable straps. 

It has a solid feeling , sound functioning hardware , pockets that open and close as they should , secure , even , clean stitching , and a perfect - width strap. 

I've been using it quite a lot since I found it.  The color coordinates well with so many different shades and prints.  

                   It has also inspired me to look for more clothes and put together more outfits that go with it.  

 These dresses can be found at the following websites: 

Clockwise - black fire.com , zaful.com, redvalentino.com, Glamourous.com, yumi.com, rickety rack.com 

The Belle Helene in Pantone Serenity Everyday Handbag and other vintage luxe items can be found on Facebook : Bagavond , Twitter: bagavond_bags  and Instagram: @bagavond 

Thanks for checking out this post . I really do love my new bag and hope you get a chance to check out the Bagavond collection. 

Yours truly , 



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