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Playing Dress-Up / Closet Shopping 

Kate Spade said it best.     One of my favorite things to do, when I have the time , is to take honest inventory of my clothing and accessories -dresses, hats , scarves, gloves, everything. By taking honest inventory I mean trying on each and every item and looking in a two way mirror. You can easily do this by putting a portable full length mirror ( about $10.00 at Target ) in front of and facing your regular mirror with you standing in between , so you can see yourself perfectly back and front , the way other people do. I always have a huge giveaway box nearby - for clothes that no longer feel right, usually because they are colors or fabrics I wanted to try , but didn't really work out for me. 

I have another box for clothes that I like but I don't wear because they don't fit right ; these can be salvaged by a tailor.  I also keep a basket for clothes I do love but are missing just the right coordinate pieces to go with. For that basket I also keep a little notebook so I can write down pieces to look for. 

The object of all of this is to have a closet full of clothes I can depend on, and to be able to put together outfits I love. 

I noticed recently , while doing this, that I own quite a few black and white dresses. I find them very versatile for dressing up or down , and I wear them in every season . This past week I paired one with pastel colors ,kept one simple with mostly black and gold accessories and toughened up one with little 

 dots with leather and leopard.  

              The following adorable black and white dresses are available now on the following websites ( clockwise starting with middle) : poshgirl.com, rotita.com, chicwish.com, topshop.com, silkfred.com . 

 Of course , those of you that know me a little bit know I really do love lots of color. I found this dress at thredup.com. The brand is INCinternationalconcepts ( a Macy's brand) and was new with tags for less than $20.00.  

    Thredup has the following INC dresses available now ( as of 1-29-16/ 7:00pm ) .  

Closets , and wardrobes in general , fill a very emotional need , I think , because -  

  And also -  

 Hope you enjoyed this post and hope it inspires you to have fun putting together some new looks of your own. 



"Love You Always Dress" from adornapparel.us 

My Colorful Week