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About Last Week...

For those of you just stopping by , I am a mom of two, a kindergarten teacher, and I really love dressing up. Dresses and heels are my favorite things to wear , but last winter it was so cold and snowy I wore leggings , boots , and the heaviest sweaters and layers I could find way too often . I told myself I wouldn't do that again, I would find a way to still wear dresses and heels and be warm ( and a little practical 😉) .  Last week it was typical January weather for RI , temperatures in the 20 s - 40s , a little snow , and a lot of rain. I did manage to pull out 5 summer dresses and wear them. I can assure you , it did make me hate the winter just a little bit less . Maybe I even like the winter just a little bit now. Maybe. Most of these dresses were from thredup.com. If you are not familiar with thredup , and you have any interest at all in thrifted clothing and accessories you definitely want to check out their website. 

I was excited to receive this gorgeous necklace from jewelrybean.com / @jewelrybean - Instagram and thought it would go beautifully with so many outfits. It adds extraordinary sparkle to a cold, dark winter day .  

 I wore it on Monday and received so many compliments from teachers , students , and parents.  

   I also love the amazing mix of metals and stones in this necklace from @7charmingsisters / Instagram . It is called the 'Boom Pow' and you can see why!!!  


 I wore my classic statement pieces from Dennis Styles/ D.alexander Collections - FB and Instagram -while styling 2 favorite dresses for very cold days this past week.              I love the vintage inspired print of this dress from BonneChance Collections and once I received it I didn't really want to wait  for a warm day to wear  it , so I styled it with as many cold weather accessories as I could find.  

The 'Do Amazing Things ' necklace was a gift from a special friend and from Candy Court Boutique . 

    Can we just take a moment to talk about this amazing bag from @bagavond ? It is the most beautiful shade of Tiffany Blue , trimmed in gold, actually fit everything I needed , and had enough compartments to keep it all organized. I loved using it on Friday and Saturday . It will certainly be in constant rotation from now on.  


It was a busy , cold , wet week and I was happy to end it at Angelica & Me Hair Salon in Johnston. Oh , wait a minute ! Wasn't I also there in the middle of the week ? Of course I was. Love that place !  


 As I end this post , a reflection on style choices of the week , I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate today.  Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I have reflected upon and taught about his legacy for as I've been teaching. Every individual strives for respect , dignity , self worth , and although those that have never had to fight for basic human rights may never understand, I am humbled by the way he fought for his beliefs and for unity through peaceful means .  

    Thanks for visiting this post and allowing me to reflect a bit . 

Have a beautiful week, 


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