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Fun, Festive Holiday Outfit Inspiration 

As a kindergarten teacher and a mom of  2 young children, this time of the year can be both magical and also very  overwhelming. I do my best to keep festivities simple and focus on creating special moments and memories for my family.    I always remember how I felt when I was young during this time of year . I loved all of the Italian Holiday Traditions but mostly just enjoyed being surrounded by family. 

Our major holiday celebration always took place on Christmas Eve at my Grandparents' house. My mom, grandma, and all the and aunties would prepare the traditional Italian Feast of a gazillion fish dishes. Or maybe 12. Or maybe 18. There was always a lot of fish. 

This was when we would wear our absolute best outfits of the year. 

 My mom would always make matching dresses for me and my sister. They often involved bows , lace , ruffles , golden buttons, and  lots of bright red patterns and fabrics .  I still like to wear all of those things at this time of the year. They remind me being little , and of the feelings of anticipation and celebration that were so abundant in my family. 

These are a few examples of outfits I recently wore , and yes , I probably will repeat them as the big day gets even closer. 

             Lots of warm accessories , of course, because :


  But , with a dad as a photographer , it's important to be warm , cozy , and also camera ready. My children learned this early on and love their photo sessions with Papa.

           I'm actually not sure which outfit I will actually wear on Christmas Eve this year ... I'm thinking of this red dress -  

  What do you think ? 


Well, we still have time to decide ;) 

Have fun in all you do as you create your own special moments ( and outfits ) this season. 

Thanks so much !!!!! 

   Love , 



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