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Why Bother ? What "Dressing Up" Means to Me 

Since I was young , around two years old  , my parents would say, I wanted to wear party dresses and black patent  leather shoes. I had to have the socks with the ruffles and needed a hat to complete the outfit .  In those days , my mom sewed all our clothes, was happy to oblige my fancy little heart and sheven let me wear the pretty dresses to play in the sandbox.  Yes , it's true , I'm not a little girl playing dress up anymore and as a very busy mom and kindergarten teacher it's true I don't need to really dress up, well , ever. So , I guess what I'm trying to say is , just as I didn't need to wear party dresses and lacey socks when I was two, I don't need to wear dresses and heels to teach kindergarten or make dinner either, but it's just what I want to do. 

Kind of reminds me of this quote I've seen around Facebook and Instagram : 


I was home sick with pneumonia for the past two and a half weeks. The first few days I was literally in bed and had no desire to get up and get dressed. By the fourth day I had to go back  to see the doctor and I was relieved to have an excuse to dress up . I only wore a sweater and leggings , nothing fancy , but honestly I did feel better just because I felt like I was back to my old ( healthier ) self. 

     Then a couple of days later it was Halloween and I felt that even though I couldn't go out and enjoy all the activities we had planned , I could still wear my  Snoopy shirt . 

    I felt I was at least a little bit getting to celebrate !  So , basically , I tried to put together some outfits each day I was home that were comfortable and kind of cheered me up while I had to be home. 

A simple tee shirt and blazer : 


A comfortable dress and big cozy scarf:

     A very soft sweater and leggings :

  A maxi - dress and big cozy blanket scarf:

     And today , my last day home sick , leggings again and another soft sweater :

     And I'm glad I had an actual outfit on for when I had to run to Target for groceries (and leopard booties) :


 So why do I dress up ? It makes me happy and : 

   That's all, folks ! 

Do what makes you happy! Wear what you want ! Xoxoxo

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