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Simple , Quick , Effective, and Affordable Way to Keep Your Hunters Glossy ! 

  I absolutely adore my Hunter Black Glossy boots but I hate that powdery white film 'bloom' that seems to appear inevitably. I'm happy to report that I do believe I found a way to prevent that unsightly problem !  You only need 4 things :

Warm water 

Paper towel 

Olive oil 

White cloth

1. Apply warm water and dry completely with a paper towel . 

2. Apply 1 teaspoon of olive oil to a white cloth and rub into each boot. 

3. That's it ! Voila ! Glossy again !!

I wore my black boots so much last winter and spring . Here are a couple of outfits I put together back then:

           I actually was going to wear them today but realized I better take out my olive oil first !  

    And I think I might be getting a little tired of just the black all the time :  

 So what color should I get next ?  

 What are your favorite colors / styles of Hunters ?? 

Hope you found this useful,  as we head into the crazy weather seasons ( although in New England all the seasons are crazy weather seasons)!

Bye for now !!

Thanks so much for stopping by !



Blanket Scarf +Dress+Fun Accessories = Perfect Fall Outfit

A Touch of Fur - Add a little or a whole lot to your wardrobe. I'd love to pair the leopard flats with the plaid jacket.. and the mink earrings with the fur trimmed dress! How about you ? Will you add a touch of fur this season ?