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Another Day, Another Dress!  Or... Why My Wardrobe is Seasonless...

So, yes, I've always loved dresses and they do make up about 90% of my wardrobe but one awesome thing about them is that if you use a little creativity and change around your accessories, you really can wear them all year long ! I had a little blue cocktail dress that I never got a chance to wear this summer but look how I styled it this week when temperatures were in the 40's !!       And this striped dress could be worn alone or made into a fall , spring , or even winter outfit with sweaters, scarves, and maybe the addition of a tall boot.  

    I found a beautiful bright plaid scarf recently at Target. I loved it because it had pink , purple , yellow , and orange shades and was so incredibly soft. When I went to hang it on my scarf rack in my closet I noticed a dress I hadn't worn in over a year was the exact same shade of the pink in the scarf and I realized the scarf would allow me to wear the dress and not freeze ( I do not like to be cold. At all. ) I was super warm all day even in the morning when we had an unexpected 26 degree day in October !!!  

    I added a faux fur vest , leggings, and booties to a very lightweight dress and was totally warm and comfortable !!  

    I absolutely love maxi dresses and I don't put them away when the summer is over ! I just add a jacket , booties , and a warm stylish hat ;) !  

    This last dress is actually one of my favorites because it has a strong black and white design but it is different from the typical dots and stripes seen so often. I just added a sequin vest to jazz it up a bit because it was kind of warm for October that day , but I will add warmer accessories on colder days , of course !  

    Hope you had fun seeing some of the outfits I put together this past week ! As always , hope it inspires you to have fun with your wardrobe! Wear what makes you happy ! 

Thanks, friends! 



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