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Our ( me and @loopyscorpio of myfashionprint.com) #Roctober #JonBonJovi  #stylechallenge at a glance / Part 1 

Everyday during October we planned outfits that were based on different  song  titles by Jon Bon Jovi. Why ? Why not ? So , here are a few of the styles we shared during October - days 1-11-and the songs that went with them!  As you can see, we had to be a bit creative to make the titles into something fashion/ style related ;) 

    Day 1: Pink You For Loving Me


 Day 2: You Give Love a Plaid Name 

           Day 3: Have a Nice Gray  


      Day 4: Missunder- hoodie        Day 5: Army Green of One 

           Day 6: One Wild Bright 


 Day 7: Come Black  





 Day 8: Bed of Roses 



     Day 9: In and out of Clove  

           Day 10: Let it Colorblock 

           Day 11: Olive on a Prayer 


Thanks to all of you for joining in and taking a look!  Tomorrow is day 12- Bitter Wine! Can't wait to see all your great styles ! 


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