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What the Kindergarten Teacher Wore- Part 2

This time of year can be tricky to dress for because going back to school makes us feel like it should be fall, but the temperatures are still quite warm. We've had extremely hot weather lately, which I actually love, but it can be challenging to look professional and stay cool. I wore lots of dresses and fun accessories the last couple of weeks. I found the dresses on the website https://www.thredup.com I love that I always find designer dresses 70% off retail price and they are always in perfect condition. Take a look at these recent purchases and how I styled them. A lot of the jewelry you see is from my web boutique luluavenue.com/sites/mommyteacherfashionista/PWOHOME.aspx .Feel free to ask me any questions about the Lulu Avenue Brand.


What the Kindergarten Teacher Wore/ Part 3/ Bye-Bye to Summer 

Affordable Jewelry luluavenue.com/sites/mommyteacherfashionista inspired by the artistry of nature during the fall! Don't forget to check out the BOGO bracelets!