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Back to School Clothes for Kids- Affordable and Fun! 

As a mommy of two growing children I've often been sad to buy a beautiful piece of clothing, such as a stylish, quality  jacket, only to find it is too small a month later.  If hasn't been helpful to buy lesser quality items, because then the clothing is worn out before the child outgrows it.  I've found a solution! The same place I am finding incredible deals on brand name quality clothing has an enormous selection for children. I am not shopping for back to school clothes right now because I actually just stocked up on school uniforms ( My kids go to Catholic School ) but I wanted to see if I needed to if I could do it through https://thredup.com ! I absolutely could ! 

I found some excellent basic items such as jeans, jean jackets, fun separates, and even shoes and accessories and put a bunch of outfits together.  All of the items you see here were available as of July 23, 2015 - there are also many, many more to choose from!  Some of the brand names you see are Vineyard Vines, Gap, Ralph Lauren, Gymboree, Burberry, and Justice. They are all in perfect condition. As both a seller and customer of thredUp, I can assure you, you will not see fading or visable signs of wear and tear. 

So, go to https://thredup.com and have fun! Have your child look online and pick out some pieces he or she can mix and match everyday as they get ready for school, play dates, and trips to grandma's!  

Don't forget to pass on your child's clothes as they outgrow them. I like to give them to friends and family, but sometimes, when they really aren't needed, I put them in a thredUP clean out bag and thredup either gives me credit and resells or donates to those in need. Want a clean out bag? Just add it ( free) to your shopping cart when you place your order! 

Happy Shopping! 

Hope these pictures inspire you and your children to have fun while getting ready for everyday life!  


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